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Best Gynaecologist near me in Jammu

You can easily connect with a top Obstetrics And Gynaecology Doctors in Jammu, who can provide advanced treatment and caring support for your obstetrics and gynaecology concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on Obstetrics And Gynaecology Doctors in Jammu.


Who is the top gynecologist in Jammu?

Dr. Nidhi Raina  is one of the top gynecologist in Jammu.


Can fertility get threatened by irregular periods?

Every time, fertility can’t be associated with irregular periods. But, it may be tough for the women to get pregnant if irregular periods persist for a long time.


Can gynecologists treat ovarian cysts without surgery?

Many times, medications are given by gynecologists to treat ovarian cysts. At times, hormonal therapy can also become quite useful in this case.


Which gynecological problems can come up after Menstruation?

The gynecological problems that can come up after menstruation may include uterine fibroids, pregnancy problems, problems with ovulation, and thyroid problems.


Who are at risk of having gynecological cancers?

Typically, an individual with a risk of obesity, family history, HPV, and age may have the utmost risk of developing gynecological cancers.


Can cysts go away on their own?

Yes, cysts may go away without treatment at times. This can take a few months for going away completely.


Do irregular periods get healed by themselves?

Irregular periods are quite common within the first few years of menstruation. But, medical attention must be beneficial to detect suspicious conditions relating to irregular periods at times.

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