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    Hi doctor, I have foot drop disorder. Unable to walk properly. My L5 nerve is very week and not in properly working condition. I need a treatment or probably a nerve surgery. Please kindly help me.

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    Dr. Nimrat Kaur

    credihealthVerified Doctor
    MBBS and Masters of Public Health31 July 2018 at 09:16


    Firstly, please mention your age and gender.

    Foot drop is most common in cases of L5/S1 nerve damage/pinching/herniation because of the following:

    1. Muscle damage

    2. Skeletal abnormalities

    3. Nerve damage

    Specific conditions and diseases that lead to foot drop are:

    1. Lower back condition (disc herniation/lumbar stenosis/spondylolisthesis/bone fractures)

    2. Parkinson’s disease

    3. Motor neuron diseases

    4. Diabetes

    5. Multiple sclerosis

    6. And the injury to the foot or lower limbs

    In your case, it seems to be the L5 nerve damage but I would like to know how did this damage happen? Is there any part of your foot that is numb or has ‘pins and needle’ sensation?

    In a typical case of foot drop, afoot drop brace or splints are provided for stabilization followed by physical therapy. In case the foot drop is caused by a lower back issue, then a specific set of surgical procedures are suggested.


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    Foot drop is usually related to the nerve compression in spine or rarely around hips or knee region. This is sometimes an emergency to be evaluated. Needs MRI and complete clinical evaluation by the spine specialist. And further treatment at the earliest possible.