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Be Well Hospital, Anna Nagar West, Chennai

Be Well Hospital, Anna Nagar West, Chennai

No.106, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Near VR Shopping Mall, Koyambedu Flyover, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600040, India

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4.04 (33 Reviews)
Based on feedback received from individuals who have booked appointments through Credihealth
Be Well Hospital Anna Nagar, Chennai is bound to deliver comprehensive and quality services to its customers. It aims at providing accessible and quality services to all groups of society and reaches several millions of people in India. Dr. C.J Vetreivel being the CEO & founder of the hospital aims at providing a network of hospitals so that it becomes easy for...
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Consultant - ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist

27 Years Of Experience,


Be Well Hospital, Chennai

MBBS, Diploma- Child Health , MD- Psychiatry

Senior Consultant - Psychiatry

22 Years Of Experience,


Be Well Hospital, Chennai

MBBS, MD - Respiratory Medicine

Consultant- Pulmonology

17 Years Of Experience,


Be Well Hospital, Chennai

MBBS, MD- General Physician

Consultant - General Physcian

17 Years Of Experience,

Internal Medicine

Be Well Hospital, Chennai

MBBS, MS - General Surgery

Consultant- General Surgery

9 Years Of Experience,

General Surgery

Be Well Hospital, Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the hospital take international patients? up arrow

A: Yes, the hospital serves facilities for international patients. They are provided complete guidance throughout their visit to the hospital.

Q: Is there any facility for medical insurance? up arrow

A: Yes, you can avail of medical insurance services. You can also check the number of companies the hospital is attached to.

Q: How many doctors are there in the hospital? up arrow

A: The hospital is well-supported by more than 20 different specialties with their respective doctors and specialists.

Q: Is the hospital equipped with 24 hours availability of ambulance services? up arrow

A: Yes, The hospital p[rovides 24 hours availability of ambulance services with spacious emergency wards and operation theatres where all the rooms are equipped with the latest technological gadgets and equipment.

Q: I am diagnosed with a hernia. The doctor has referred me to another hospital. Can I get the fully flourished treatment here in the hospital? up arrow

A: Yes, you can get the fully flourished treatment. The hospital serves secondary services for all of its patients.

Q: Does the hospital support the treatment of cancer patients? up arrow

A: Yes, the hospital is equipped with a separate cancer center, especially for cancer patients. A team of experts is hired for the center care with the advice of whom the center care is running.

Q: How can I seek immediate consultation with the prescribed doctor? up arrow

A: You can avail of the service through Credihealth. It will help you find the doctor and seek timely consultation.

Q: Is there any availability of outpatient services? up arrow

A: Yes, there is a separate IP department that is dedicated to outpatient services. They coordinate with each other and help the patient seek timely consultation for discharge.

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Patient Stories

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Prisha Konar


This is the story of Prisha Konar, who had her pregnancy safely with the help of the Best Gynecologists at Be Well Hospital Anna Nagar. Before pregnancy, she could hardly have any symptoms of any rare disease. After pregnancy, she developed a rare disease of leaking her urine in her pants. It became so severe that she had to go consult the doctor for the same.

  • For the initial 10 years, she was managing her rare symptoms because she hardly had to go outside because of having a busy schedule with the growing baby.

  • Now, after ten years, she developed unmanageable symptoms as she had to go through both stress and urge incontinence and she was about to start her new life with the job in her hands.

Stress incontinence is the type of incontinence, where you leak urine because of any physical stress on your body like coughing and sneezing. On the other hand, urge incontinence is the condition where you cannot control your urine and develop the urge to go to the washroom immediately but can't get to the washroom quickly.


How did Prisha Konar receive help?

  • Initially, Prisha thought it to be a part of her pregnancy when it affected her life.

  • She was already living at home taking good care of her first child and helping the baby to grow better.

  • She had her delivery at Be Well Hospital Anna Nagar, where she used to go regularly for any kind of after-pregnancy checkup and routine. But she never discussed the things with the doctor thinking that the rare condition may go itself.

But after a period of 10 years, when she became around 45 and started seeking financial support for herself with the help of a job in hand, she started becoming conscious of her habit of going to the washroom quickly. She consulted the best gynecologist at Be Well Hospital Anna Nagar, where she was suggested to go through laparoscopic surgery for urinary incontinence. She is now thankful to the practices of the doctors and the team of Credihealth for helping her timely.


Be Well Hospital, Anna Nagar West, Chennai