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Best Spine Surgery hospitals in India

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Fortis Hiranandani Hospital

Plot No. 28, Juhu Chowpatty Marg, Juhu Nagar, Sector 10A, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400703, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Paras Hospital

C-1, Sushant Lok Road, Block C, Phase 1, Sector-43, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital

Hill Side Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Jaslok Hospital

15 - Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Global Hospital

35, D.E.Borges Road, Hospital Avenue Opp Shirodkar High school, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Fortis Malar Hospital

52, 1st Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600020, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

KMC Hospital

Ambedkar Circle, Mangalore, Mangalore, Karnataka, 575001, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Gleneagles Global Hospital

439, Medavakkam Road, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600100, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Block F, Gol Chakkar, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122017, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital

111, West of Chord Road, Opp Rajajinagar 1st block Junction, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560086, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital


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About Spine Surgery Hospital in India - 

Spine surgery is one of the best options for chronic back pain. It is a minimally invasive open surgery that is less painful. The patient is given general anesthesia. Over the last few years, nonetheless, technical breakthroughs have enabled extra back and neck problems to be treated with a minimally invasive medical method.

Minimally invasive spinal column surgery is also a practical option for treating back pain. It helps to reduce the damage of the muscle mass bordering the back. Generally, this leads to much less discomfort after surgical treatment and a much faster recovery. Besides, the spine surgery hospital in India are well equipped with the latest technology. 

The signs for minimally invasive spinal column surgical procedures coincide with those for standard open surgical procedures. Spine surgical procedure is typically recommended only when a duration of nonsurgical treatment-- such as medications and physical therapy has not eased the uncomfortable signs and symptoms brought on by your back issue.


Common Types Of Spine Surgical Procedure -

If you are diagnosed with chronic back pain, spine surgery is the only option. But now, the question arises which is the best surgery suitable for your condition? As we know, there are various types of spine surgery. The spine surgery hospital in India process all kinds of surgery without any medical intervention. 

The surgeries are as follows: 

1. Lumbar Decompression Surgical Treatment: Back decompression surgery, likewise called a lumbar laminectomy, is performed to remedy the narrowing of the back canal-- additionally called spinal constriction. The cosmetic surgeon will remove all or part of the lamina, pushing against the back and creating agonizing pain.

In spine stenosis, pressure is being positioned on the spine due to the age-related constricting of the back canal. The goal of surgical treatment is to widen the channel and also thus release this pressure. It may involve the doctor removing bone spurs or excess cells.

2. Herniated Disc Surgical Treatment: In surgery to fix a herniated disc, the cosmetic surgeon will remove a component or every one of the damaged discs. The physician might eliminate the disc as well as make it possible for both surrounding vertebrae to fuse to quit the disc pain; however, back combination causes the lack of ability to move that section of your back, so this choice must be made thoroughly between you as well as your medical professional. That claimed, back fusion surgical procedure is much safer and much less high-risk than it remained in previous years.

3. Back Fusion Surgery: The specialist attaches two surrounding vertebrae to avoid discomfort triggered by their activity versus each other throughout a spinal fusion. The cosmetic surgeon uses small screws and poles to secure the vertebrae, and also, they are after that delegated usually heal and fuse. The medical professional might likewise take a small bone graft from one more part of your body to assist the vertebrae in uniting.

4. Lumbar Discectomy: A lumbar discectomy is a spinal column surgical treatment entailing a damaged disc in the individual's lower back region. The surgery is performed in two procedures. One is a minimally invasive arthroscopic discectomy. Besides, another surgical procedure is open back surgery. Furthermore, there are two kinds of lumbar discectomy. It includes invasive arthroscopic and opens back surgery. Open-up back surgery is a more typical procedure for a herniated disc in the lumbar area.


What happens during the treatment?

Cosmetic surgeons do spinal fusion under primary anesthetic, so you're subconscious during the treatment. Surgeons have created a range of techniques for executing spine fusion surgical procedures. The method your specialist makes use of relies on the location of the vertebrae to be integrated, the factor for the spinal combination, and also, in some instances, your essential wellness as well as body shape.

Generally, the treatment involves the following:

  • Incision To gain access to the vertebrae being merged, the specialist makes an incision in among three places: in your neck or back straight over your spine, on either side of your back, or in your abdomen or throat to ensure that your cosmetic surgeon can access the back from the front.

  • Bone graft preparation. It is a procedure where the fusion of two vertebrae is done. The surgeon may originate the bone from the bone bank or your body part. If your bone is made use of, the surgeon makes a laceration above your pelvic bone, eliminates a small portion of it, and after that shuts the gash.

  • Spine fusion. The doctor puts the bone graft product between the vertebrae to fuse the vertebrae completely. Steel plates, screws, or rods might be utilized to hold the vertebrae together while the bone graft heals.

  • Some doctors use a synthetic substance rather than bone grafts in picked cases. These synthetic substances help advertise bone development and speed the blend of the vertebrae.


What is the diagnostic test?

  • X-rays. Many doctors suggest X-rays during the consultation. It helps to expose bony changes. Each X-ray involves a tiny direct exposure to radiation.

  • CT or CT myelogram. If you can not have an MRI, your medical professional might advise computerized tomography (CT), a test that incorporates X-ray pictures extracted from various angles to generate detailed, cross-sectional images of your body.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI utilizes an effective magnet and radio waves to generate cross-sectional photos of your back. The test can detect damages to your disks, ligaments, and the existence of growths. Crucial, it can reveal where the nerves in the spinal cord are being pushed.


Get a second opinion for spine surgery -

Back pain can invite many complications in the daily routines. Thus, spinal surgery becomes the only option. Before moving to spinal surgery, it is wise to take a second opinion. Therefore, you can book an appointment at spinal surgery hospital India, offering a complete examination during the consultation. So, do not waste time and call +91 8010-994-994, or you can write to us at for more information. 

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