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Septoplasty Cost in Delhi NCR

Starting From: INR 35000
●   Procedure Type:  Surgical procedure
●   Function:  To correct the deviated septum that separates the nostril
●   Pain Intensity:  Mildly painful
●   Procedure Duration: 30-90 min
●   Hospital Days : 0 - 1 Day
●   Anesthesia Type: Local

Also known as submucous septal resection and septal reconstruction, it is a surgical procedure, usually done to correct a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is the partition between the two nasal cavities and should ideally run in the center of the nose.

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What is the average cost of Septoplasty in Delhi NCR?

The cost of Septoplasty in Delhi NCR starts from INR 35000 which depends on multiple factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the indication of Septoplasty? up arrow

A: It is common to have a slightly deviated nasal septum, but if your nasal septum deviates to an extent that it is considered severe, your surgeon may advise you of the procedure. Your doctor can even advise you the same if you are suffering from one or more of the following issues :

  • Difficulty in breathing through one or both sides of your nose due to airflow obstruction
  • Blockage in one side of the nose due to septum deviation
  • Nasal polyps
  • Chronic sinusitis which hasn't improved on conservative treatments
  • In some cases, to treat excessive crusting and bleeding due to drying of the nose
  • To treat other conditions that block the airway
The ENT surgeon would prescribe a series of radiographic and diagnostic scans to understand the underlying cause and plan your treatment If you have similar signs, check the septoplasty cost in Delhi today and consult with the best doctor.

Q: What is the pre-procedure of Septoplasty? up arrow

A: If you have been recommended by your doctor to undergo Septoplasty, the following steps should be followed to ensure you are well prepared for your surgery. Health Exam: Your doctor will prescribe a series of tests to ensure you are healthy to undergo the surgery. You would require a blood test to check your overall parameters, including checking the clotting and bleeding time. You will be asked about your medical history as well as allergies. If you have had any reactions to anesthesia in the past, you must mention it to your doctor. Medications: You must discuss all your medications with your doctor as some medications, for instance, blood thinners like Aspirin, may need to be stopped days before the procedure. Habits: You would be required to stop alcohol as well as smoking for days before the procedure as well as 2-3 weeks after the procedure or else it could drastically reduce the healing process and could cause complications during the procedure. Smoking irritates nasal passages and is a major contraindication for this surgery. Guidelines for the night before the surgery :

  • Don’t consume any food or water past midnight or at least 12 hours before the procedure.
  • If you have any infection or fever, you must inform your doctor immediately
  • If you are diabetic, monitor your sugar levels and in the case of abnormally high sugar levels, inform your doctor immediately.

Q: What is Post-Procedure of Septoplasty? up arrow

A: After the procedure is completed, the following steps will be performed by the medical expert or nursing staff:

  • There would be frequent monitoring of blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse while you gain consciousness
  • The nostrils are packed with cotton which is removed after 24 hours by the doctor
  • A physician will monitor the progress postoperatively and attend to the medical needs until discharge, while the nursing staff will assist with your surgical dressing
  • Your doctor will prescribe some pain medications which you must take to decrease pain and inflammation
  • You would have to limit exercise for the following few days to improve healing as heavy exercises may increase your blood pressure and cause bleeding.
A septoplasty is a short procedure. It is performed on a day-care basis and you can go back home the same day unless some complications arise. There are some tips for quick recovery :
  • Avoid blowing your nose for a few days after the procedure as it may cause nasal bleeding
  • Avoid forceful sneezing as the pressure may impact the healing
  • Elevate the head on a pillow to reduce the swelling
  • Avoid T-shirts with tight necks as pulling it over the head while wearing or removing it can cause damage. Wear button-up shirts instead.

Q: What are the Risks and Complications of Septoplasty? up arrow

A: In most cases, septoplasty is a safe medical procedure and is performed by qualified experts. Other risks with septal reconstruction include

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Change in shape of the nose
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • A hole or perforation in the septum
You must speak with your doctor about the possible risks and complications of the septoplasty procedure, as all situations are different. For more information on septoplasty cost in Delhi, contact Credihealth Medical Experts at 8010-994-994.

Q: How is Septoplasty performed? up arrow

A: Septal reconstruction usually involves putting the patient under general anesthesia. After sedating the patient, the ENT surgeon will proceed for the survey. The aim of the same is to straighten the bent nasal septum and may involve reshaping bones that can't be straightened or even removing a part of the bent septum. It's a simple procedure and no effect can be seen on the outside of the nose.

Q: Who performs Septoplasty? up arrow

A: It would be performed by an ENT surgeon, a specialized doctor who deals with surgeries related to the ear, nose, throat and related structures. A team of experts including specialized surgeons, anesthesiologists, and well-trained nurses would be handling your surgery.

Q: When is Septoplasty required? up arrow

A: When the respiratory disturbances are severe enough to disturb your day to day activities, your doctor will recommend you to undergo some radiographic tests, to assess the condition of your nasal cavity. A Computerised Tomography Scan, commonly known as CT Scan, would help your doctor understand if a deviated septum or polyps could be the underlying cause for your condition and if it is so, he/she may recommend a septal reconstruction.

Q: Where is Septoplasty done? up arrow

A: It is performed only in advanced operation theatres at the multi-specialty hospital having skilled ENT surgeons, anesthesiologists and well-trained staff on their panel. At Credihealth, we offer you a vast pool of hospitals with state of the art Operation theatres and observation units for postoperative monitoring. You can choose from hospitals with a suitable cost of septoplasty in Delhi from our list.

Q: What happens during Septoplasty? up arrow

A: The procedure of septal reconstruction takes anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes, depending upon the complexity of the condition. Your doctor may treat you with general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on what suits your situation the best. In the procedure of septoplasty, the doctor will make an incision from one side of your nose to access the septum. Then they lift the mucous membrane, which is the protective membrane of the septum, to straighten and fix the nasal septum. While fixing the nasal septum, if any other obstructions are in the way, like bony spicules, they are also removed. As the last step, the mucosal membrane is placed back. Usually, the nose is packed with cotton to keep the mucous membrane in place. However, in some cases, it may also require stitches.

Q: What is Septoplasty? up arrow

A: Also known as submucous septal resection and septal reconstruction, it is a surgical procedure, usually done to correct a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is the partition between the two nasal cavities and should ideally run in the center of the nose.

Q: Why is Septoplasty done? up arrow

A: Your doctor would advise you to undergo the procedure if the deviated nasal septum has been causing nasal blockages and causing difficulty breathing. Respiratory disturbances are often the reason why doctors would recommend the procedure as it would help the patient breathe better. The procedure can also be recommended by your doctor To reduce recurrent nasal blockages To treat enlarged bone structures called turbinates, which block parts of the nose To treat long term sinusitis To remove nasal polyps To treat other conditions that block the nasal airway If you are suffering from any of the above ailments and want to improve your present condition, you can inquire about septoplasty cost in Delhi or book an appointment with a doctor through Credihealth.

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