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Credihealth Hall of Fame – Cardiology Hospitals in IndiaCredihealth Hall of Fame – Cardiology Hospitals in India

29 September, 2016

<p>India is emerging as a hub for world class medical facilities. Indian doctors are leading practitioners in the field of medicine across the globe, also patients from different parts of the world are coming to India for treatment. Cardiology tre...


Reasons For Growth Of Medical Tourism in IndiaReasons For Growth Of Medical Tourism in India

7 September, 2017

<p>Medical tourism is the term given to the phenomena of people traveling to another country seeking medical treatment. Therefore, medical tourism in India essentially refers to patients from other countries coming to India for their medical treat...


How to Prevent Heart Attack?How to Prevent Heart Attack?

12 August, 2017

When you are at a risk of heart attack, you can make several lifestyle changes that will help you to reduce the likelihood of contracting heart ailments in general. These changes will improve your heart health as well as overall health. Therefore, it is noteworthy to abide by the following healthy lifestyle activities that will …


Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy HeartHealthy Lifestyle for Healthy Heart

12 August, 2017

<p>Everyone must have heard about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for healthy heart. But, ever wondered what healthy changes are required for a heart&#8211;healthy lifestyle and how these changes affect your body? When your doctor tells you ...


Indian Diet after Angioplasty: What to eat and what to avoidIndian Diet after Angioplasty: What to eat and what to avoid

27 July, 2017

<p>A well-maintained diet after angioplasty plays a crucial role in the process of recovery after an angioplasty procedure.When a person experiences coronary artery disease, the arteries or the corridors in the heart may totally or partially be ob...


Ventricular Septal Defect in BabiesVentricular Septal Defect in Babies

25 March, 2017

<p>Congenital heart defects are problems that are present since birth. Ventricular Septal Defect is one of the most common congenital defects that affect newborns. A normal heart has four chambers: 2 atria and 2 ventricles. These chambers are divi...


Understanding Heart TransplantUnderstanding Heart Transplant

23 March, 2017

A heart transplant is procedure where a new healthy heart replaces the old diseased and dysfunctional heart. Most of the donor heart comes from people who have died and who have pledged their vital organs. Their families support the noble cause and help in carrying out a heart transplant. Choosing the Right Candidate for Heart …


Answers to FAQs about Coronary AngioplastyAnswers to FAQs about Coronary Angioplasty

23 January, 2017

<p>Angioplasty is a Greek term that means vessel shaping. The procedure involves widening of clogged arteries (especially coronary arteries- the arteries surrounding the artery like a crown). A tiny balloon is placed on a guide wire, also called b...


Warning Signs of Heart FailureWarning Signs of Heart Failure

6 January, 2017

Heart failure is a serious medical condition where the heart is not able to function effectively and does not pump blood to all parts of the body normally. Approximately 1% of the Indians below 65 years of age suffer from heart failure, whereas around 7% in the age group 75 to 84 years experience this …


Diabetes with Aortic Stenosis – A deadly CombinationDiabetes with Aortic Stenosis – A deadly Combination

26 October, 2016

<p>Number of heart related ailments have increased over the years. Aortic Stenosis is one of the ailments which is becoming common these days. During this condition there is a contraction in the passage of aortic valve. Calcium deposits obstruct t...


Checklist for Heart Disease Prevention for WomenChecklist for Heart Disease Prevention for Women

25 October, 2016

<p>One of the most common and rapidly increasing health hazards in women today is heart diseases. This has become a critical issue that requires serious attention for its cure and prevention. The major risk that make women more susceptible to hear...


Coronary Heart Disease: 7 Major Risk FactorsCoronary Heart Disease: 7 Major Risk Factors

21 October, 2016

<p>What are Coronary Heart Disease risks? Coronary Heart Disease, also termed as CHD in medical terms is the condition where the plaque, which is waxy a substance covers the internal lining of the coronary arteries. The primary functions of the co...


Global Handwashing WeekGlobal Handwashing Week

17 October, 2016

Every year since 2008,October 15 when Global Handwashing Day was introduced to reduce child mortality rates around the world, it is celebrated as Global Hand washing Day to increase awareness about importance of washing hands. Global Handwashing Week provides a platform to design creative ways to encourage people to take up washing hands with soap …


Symptoms of Heart Problems in ChildrenSymptoms of Heart Problems in Children

14 October, 2016

<p>Detecting heart problems in children is little tricky, for most of the early symptoms are hardly obvious and go unnoticed.  The most common reason why people don’t catch the symptoms is the fact that we don’t speculate their kids to be sufferin...


How to Choose Hospitals for Cardiac Patients?How to Choose Hospitals for Cardiac Patients?

13 October, 2016

<p>When it comes to deciding on a cardiologist or heart hospital for treatment, people depend on advises given by friends and relatives. Sometimes, the patients also rely on their family doctors to recommend them to a particular hospital. A hospit...


What do ‘Cholesterol Levels’ mean?What do ‘Cholesterol Levels’ mean?

8 October, 2016

<p>The very mention of the word “Cholesterol” brings scare to our minds and visual streaming of a patient with impending heart attack. But there is more to cholesterol than the attached stigma!! Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in e...


Common Heart Diseases in IndiaCommon Heart Diseases in India

24 September, 2016

Heart diseases refers to a situation where the blood vessels are blocked by deposition of fat, making it difficult for blood to flow through smoothly, thus leading to heart attack or stroke. Other conditions, such as those that affect your heart’s muscle, valves or rhythm, also fall in the category of cardiovascular diseases. Heart Attack …


Cardiovascular Diseases – Does Age or Gender Matter?Cardiovascular Diseases – Does Age or Gender Matter?

24 September, 2016

<p>Cardiovascular diseases include a range of diseases that affect the proper functioning of the heart, like angina, myocardial infarction, rheumatic heart disease, arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease,...


Coronary Angioplasty – Things You Should KnowCoronary Angioplasty – Things You Should Know

24 September, 2016

<p>Coronary angioplasty, also called as Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) or Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) is a non-surgical procedure carried out to widen blocked or narrowed coronary arteries from plague caused by ...


Relationship between Genes and Heart DiseaseRelationship between Genes and Heart Disease

24 September, 2016

<p>Inherited or genetic medical conditions run in a family as they occur due to changes in genes that pass from one generation to another. There are many heart diseases which are inherited by individuals so it is very important to know the relatio...

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