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Infection With No Cure – All About Nipah Virus Outbreak

22 May, 2018

Nipah virus (NiV) infection is a relatively new zoonosis (a disease which can be transmitted to humans from animals). The natural hosts of the virus are fruit bats. These bats have the citizens of Kerala on high alert with the deaths of three people due to the Nipah Virus. The nurse who was taking care …


Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Dry eye

16 June, 2017

Dry Eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes are unable to maintain the normal layer of tears. According to ophthalmologists, this is due to the lack of production of the adequate amount of tears. The tear film is very important for the eyes as it prevents the eye from dust and other bacterial …


Eye Flu: All You Need to Know

10 May, 2017

What is Eye Flu? The medical term for eye flu or pink eye is conjunctivitis. It refers to an inflammation of the thin layer of clear tissue known as conjunctiva, which covers the white of the eye and lines the inside of an eyelid. What are the Causes of Eye Flu? Eye flu can occur …


Why Are My Child’s Eyes Yellow?

14 April, 2015

The body is constantly replacing old red blood cells with new ones, and sometimes during this process, Bilirubin, a yellow coloured pigment, is left behind, which eventually reaches various parts of the body. Jaundice sometimes creates a problem in this process, turning the eyes yellowish in the process. Yellow eyes in newborns The skin and …


TORCH infections in mothers

26 February, 2015

TORCH does not stand for one particular disease – it actually is an acronym which represents various diseases that can affect a growing foetus inside the womb of his mother if exposed to them while still inside the uterus. The disease which TORCH represents is as follows – T – toxoplasmosis O – other diseases …


Why does the eye doctor puff air into my eyes?

27 August, 2014

What is the air puff test? The air puff test is part of every detailed eye exam that puffs a small amount of air into the eye. Known as the non-contact tonometry test, it reads the pressure within the eye, or the intraocular pressure (IOP), without the machine touching the eye. Why is it important? …


5 Most Common Eye Problems Explained

9 July, 2014

While a lot of eye related issues such as near sightedness, retinal degeneration, etc are inherited; there are a lot of eye disorders that are acquired. These can range from mild to severe, at times causing serious problems. 5 common eye problems explained: #1 Conjunctivitis Commonly known as the ‘Pink Eye’, this is a direct …


Eyes inflamed? It could be Blepharitis

24 June, 2014

One of the most delicate parts of our body, the eyes are susceptible to myriad afflictions. One such affliction is the Blepharitis which is eyelid inflammation. Blepharitis causes red, irritated, swollen, burning and itchy eyes because of oily particles and bacteria coating the eyelid margin near the base of the eyelashes. A common and non-contagious …


Do you have the Pink eye?

18 June, 2014

Conjunctivitis or the Pink eye, one of the most common conditions of the eye may be caused by allergy, infection or chemical irritants. Although easily treatable, proper diagnosis and treatment is a must for good health of the eyes. By maintaining basic eye hygiene and personal hygiene, conjunctivitis can be prevented effortlessly. Do you have …


Eye Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

14 March, 2014

Some people prefer to wear eye glasses while others choose contact lens. We cannot say one is better than the other but it is a matter of personal preference, lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics that drive the decision. We have compared pros and cons of both eye glasses as well as contact lens to …


13 Healthy Eyesight Tips

14 March, 2014

It is easy to ignore the health and well-being of eyes – a pair of small ‘almond shaped’ delicate organs of sight. Most eye problems go unnoticed until one starts experiencing challenge in seeing. According to a survey by the American Optometrist Association (AOA), 85% of people valued their sight as the most prized sense, but less than …


15 Common Eye Diseases Revealed

1 March, 2014

Currently there are more than 15 million people in our country who are suffering from eye diseases with 80% of the cases are either preventable or treatable. In this article, we have put together a brief overview of some of the common eye diseases to increase your knowledge about these issues and create awareness. Cataract …


Difference Between Chikungunya & Dengue Fever

1 June, 2018

Chikungunya and Dengue Fever are two ailments which bear a host of similarities with each other. In fact, the symptoms for both the diseases include: High fever A headache Pain in the area behind the eyes Joint pain Rash Fatigue Nausea Both of them are viral infections that are transmitted to humans through the bite …


How Is Chikungunya Diagnosed & Treated?

1 June, 2018

Chikungunya has been quite commonly spread infection in the last few years with about 40,000 cases reported in India alone. People affected by Chikungunya, often, have symptoms like joint pain, rashes and/or fever. There is no exact cure or vaccinations for the disease but with proper medication, one can get relief


10 CrediMoms Share Their #DeliveryStories

5 May, 2018

Hearing women’s stories of labor and birth can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique. It goes without a shadow of a doubt that, sometimes swift, sometimes scary, delivery is an unforgettable experience! Here, parents look back on the birth of their babies and share their memories of delivery day. Below …


How Many Almonds To Eat Per Day?

6 April, 2018

Almonds are undoubtedly one of the healthiest dry fruits available. It is high in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Therefore, almonds serve as a healthy snack to the health-conscious society. But, the question that puzzles numerous people is “ How many almonds to eat per day? ” Don’t worry, the answer to the …


Understand Leptospirosis Meaning & Leptospirosis Symptoms & Treatment

7 March, 2018

<p>Every day someone or the other is diagnosed with unwanted diseases. This scenario is more often than not due to the lack of cleanliness around or high exposure to dusty air. Not to a great extent, but if we could manage to prevent ourselves fro...


Understanding Crohn’s Disease

12 February, 2018

Are you experiencing frequent bowels, diarrhea, fatigue, or blood in the stools? There could be possibilities that these are early signals of what might be a case of inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s disease. Life with Crohn’s disease can be very difficult and tiresome! Before we discuss Crohn’s disease symptoms and treatment, let us …


Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Suicidal Disease

22 May, 2017

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that severely affects the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for carrying sensation from your face to your brain. If a person has TN, even mild movement of the face may trigger a jolt of extreme pain. This facial nerve disorder causes searing, electric-shock-like facial pains, which mostly involves …


Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

15 April, 2017

Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol is the intoxicating ingredient in wine, beer, and liquor which affects the human body adversely. Excessive alcohol consumption causes deformation of the brain, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, impaired judgment, slow reflexes, lack of coordination, flushed appearance, and blurred vision. Alcohol Abuse is the condition whereby the drinker can set limits on the consumption. …

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