Fracture Articles


Elbow Fracture (Radial Head) – Treatment and Complications

12 August, 2015

What is a radial head fracture (elbow fracture)? The radius bone extends from the elbow to the wrist, on the lateral side or the ‘outside’. The top of the radial bone is the radial head, located just below the elbow. Together with the upper arm bone or the humerus, the radial head makes up the …


Elbow Fracture (olecranon) – Treatment and Precautions

12 August, 2015

What are olecranon fractures? On bending the elbow, it is the bony prominence that is felt extending from the lower arm bone called ulna. This is the tip of the elbow, and also known as the olecranon. The elbow is a joint consisting of three bones – the humerus (upper arm between the shoulder and …


Wrist Fracture (Ulnar styloid) – Treatment and Precaution

12 August, 2015

What is Fracture of the Ulnar Styloid? Different bones may be involved in a fracture of the wrist joint, though the most common type of wrist fracture occurs at the end of the radius bone of the forearm. The bone is known as the distal radius and fractures associated with it are known as distal …


Coronoid Process Fracture – Treatment and Precautions

12 August, 2015

What is coronoid process fracture? The coronoid process is a triangular projection on the anterior surface of the third olecranon bone. It acts as a bony buttress to prevent posterior dislocation; additional stability is provided by its three soft insertions, namely the anterior joint capsule of the elbow, the brachialis muscle and the medial ulnar …


Fracture FAQ

27 January, 2015

Fracture FAQ: What is a Fracture? A fracture (also called bone fracture) is a medical condition where one or more than one bone cracks or breaks. This may happen due to exertion of high force, physical impact or stress or diseases like osteoporosis or osteogenesis imperfecta (a type of cancer). If a fracture occurs due …


Have you ever had a Ulnar Fracture?

3 July, 2014

What is a ulnar fracture? The forearm comprises of two long bones, the radius and the ulna, which are located on each other’s sides. The ulna bone lies on the inner side of the forearm and forms joints with the humerus bone (in the elbow), the radius (near the wrist and elbow), and several small …


Stress Fracture: Muscle Overuse

14 April, 2014

In that sudden urgent desire to seek a figure like Kareena Kapoor or Deepika Padukone, you decided to go for intensive workout. Instead of your routine 20 minutes brisk walk three days a week, you opted to run for one-hour every day. Superb it seemed initially but after the first few weeks, you began to …


Spinal Stress Fracture: Treatment & Prevention

10 March, 2014

What is a stress fracture of the spine? A stress fracture in the spine involves a hairline crack in the bone that makes up the framework of the spinal cord. This condition most commonly occurs in the lower back or the lumbar region of the spine, generally due to excessive or repeated strain caused to …


What Is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis? Understanding the Basics

18 July, 2019

It is well known that arthritis is usually associated with older people. However, pain is not only limited to older folks or adults. Surprisingly, kids can experience arthritis, too. As per the Arthritis Foundation, juvenile arthritis is a term that encompasses all forms of arthritis of unknown etiology lasting for at least 6 weeks and with …


CT Scan: Procedure, Risks, Cost, Benefits And Side Effects

21 June, 2019

CT scan or Computed Tomography scan is the combination of computers and rotating X-ray machines. It is used to create cross-sectional images of the body. CT scan allows doctors to see inside the body with the help of this scanning machine. CT scan procedure shows the exact picture of organs, muscles, and bones. This procedure …


5 Ways To Stop Grinding Teeth (Bruxism) At Night

16 April, 2019

Grinding teeth at night can be painful and cause an array of dental problems. This is often caused by a sleep-related movement disorder known as sleep bruxism. This causes you to clench, grind, or gnash your teeth in your sleep. This can damage enamel, cause tooth fractures or chips, or even cause pain in your jaw, …


Beat The Heat: Top 20 Health Benefits Of Watermelon

25 March, 2019

It’s summer and we’re excited! Not because of the heat, the reason for our excitement is the seasonal fruit, watermelon. Beating the heat becomes easy if you stay hydrated. The sun sure is relentless, hence you should be aware of the health benefits of watermelon and the benefits of watermelon juice. Therefore, in this article, …


Top 5 Most Likely Reasons For Foot Pain

24 October, 2018

Foot pain isn’t always an easy symptom to understand. Many people who have been diagnosed with arthritis will assume that their foot pain is a result of that condition, but the truth is that foot pain can be caused by a variety of underlying issues. Given how common foot pain is, it’s important that everyone …


Top 12 Body Part You Didn’t Realize Had Names

18 May, 2018

You thought Hogwarts, Wakanda, Asgard and Westeros were made up names? Well, wait until you’ve heard (or read) the names of certain body parts you never thought could have names. Top 12 Weird Body Part Names Following is a list of the body part you didn’t realize had names. 1. Anatomical Snuffbox Anatomical Snuffbox is …


Honey & Milk: A Healthy Combo

3 April, 2018

Yes! we are all aware of the myriad benefits of honey and milk and the crucial role they play in our overall growth and development to ensure a healthy you! But, we know the benefits of the same individually and not together as one drink! So, let us now imagine if we mix both – …


Can Junk Food Weaken Bones?

14 January, 2018

We have known the range of ill health effects that junk food can cause. Junk foods as we call them are processed foods or fast foods that are highly rich in four categories of ingredients: Caffeine, salt, sugar, and saturated fat. All these four categories have become very routine in our diets in one forms …


Osteosarcoma Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

24 August, 2017

The most common type of bone cancer is Osteosarcoma, also known as childhood bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is also the 6th most common type of cancer found in children. Since osteosarcoma develops from osteoblasts (the cells responsible for making bones grow), osteosarcoma symptoms are seen predominantly in teenagers who are experiencing a growth spurt, especially during …


Eye Flu: All You Need to Know

10 May, 2017

What is Eye Flu? The medical term for eye flu or pink eye is conjunctivitis. It refers to an inflammation of the thin layer of clear tissue known as conjunctiva, which covers the white of the eye and lines the inside of an eyelid. What are the Causes of Eye Flu? Eye flu can occur …


Understanding Frozen Shoulder

25 March, 2017

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, in the medical terms, refer to a restricted mobility of the shoulder joint due to swelling and stiffening of the articular shoulder ligament that surrounds the joint.  This term has often been used to refer to arthritis, which is a gross misrepresentation since frozen shoulder represents the shoulder joint, while …


Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

2 March, 2017

Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is the process of recreating a complete knee by replacing the damaged knee cap with artificial plastic material that is conjoined with the existing knee cap portion to completely cover the joint area. The surgery is conducted by an experienced orthopedic surgeon and involves intricate bone recreation processes …