Hip Pain Articles


Healing Acupressure Points for Back Pain

22 November, 2017

Acupressure is a therapy that was developed over 5 thousand years ago as a crucial part of Asian and specifically Chinese medicine. This technique involves a very precise finger placement and applying pressure to those specific points along your body. These points are important since they follow specific channels also known as meridians which are …


Recovery after Hip Replacement Surgery

24 March, 2017

Once you have undergone hip replacement surgery, your recovery would depend on number of contributing factors that influence recovery time. It would be essential to understand that hip replacement is a major surgery and it would be nice to understand that staying positive and optimistic about the surgical procedure will speed the recovery times. It is …


Questions to Ask Before Hip Replacement

20 December, 2016

Your doctor will suggest a hip replacement surgery after carrying out detailed assessment of your present physical condition and assessing the risk benefit associated with it. Once he assigns a particular date for the surgery, you may be anxious and might need discussion around the surgery to get hold of yourself and going ahead with …


Migraine: 4 Yoga Poses for Relief from Pounding Pain

7 October, 2016

Headaches are a particularly nasty things to deal with because they can happen during any time of the day. They are especially annoying when happening in the morning. Migraine is a more aggressive form of headache that can cause extreme pain and discomfort, as well as is harder to get rid of. Medication does exist, but a …


7 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

21 June, 2016

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that strengthens the body, makes it more flexible, and also calms the mind. It involves gentle physical poses, deep and steady breathing and meditation practise. Yoga has been known to relieve back pain, mental stress, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hypertension, and many other ailments. A major advantage yoga offers is …


Hip Replacement Surgery FAQ

2 February, 2015

Hip Replacement Surgery FAQ: What is hip replacement? Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which a painful hip joint is replaced by an artificial prosthetic implant to relieve the pain. Total hip replacement surgery and partial hip replacement surgery are the two types of hip replacement surgeries. Indications for Hip replacement? The indications that …


Weather and Joint Pain: What’s the Link?

6 January, 2015

You would have heard it many times – an elderly person predicting a change in weather just because their joints begin to ache. They say their joint pain or arthritis worsens every time the temperature drops. In fact, the earliest observations go as back as 400 B.C. when Hippocrates noticed how certain illnesses were seasonal. …


Epidural Anesthesia – Manage Labour Pain

21 July, 2014

Epidurals are increasingly used to manage labour pain. Let’s weigh its pros and cons to know should you use it or not.  Over the last 50 years, more and more women are demanding epidural anesthesia during childbirth to avoid traumatic experience of labour pain. Well, in view of the growing popularity of epidural anesthesia, we thought it will be good to …


Get Your Baby Checked For Congenital Hip Dislocation (CHD)

13 May, 2014

What is Congenital Hip Dislocation (CHD)? Hip joint is formed where head of the femur which is the rounded top of the thigh bone fits into a hollow region of pelvis known as acetabulum. It is like a ball and socket joint that allows smooth movement of the hip joint so that we can walk …


Hip Arthritis: Symptoms & Treatment

28 April, 2014

Do you feel a sharp stabbing or dull ache in the thighs, buttocks, knee or groin as you try to get out of bed? Pain, swelling, and stiffness of the hip joints may be making it difficult for you to follow your daily routine. It could be hip arthritis that affects almost one in four …


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee)

21 April, 2014

What is patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runner’s Knee)? Patellofemoral pain syndrome refers to pain in front of the knee. It is most commonly seen in teenagers, athletes (runner’s knee) and manual labourers. The kneecap has a cartilage underneath that acts as a natural shock absorber. The disorder is generally also referred to as chondromalacia patella, or …


Painful Joints: Understanding Bursitis

8 April, 2014

What is bursitis? A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between a bone and other tissue like tendon, muscle or skin, which reduces friction between these structures. Bursas are found throughout the body. When swollen, these cause a painful condition known as bursitis. Though the most common locations for bursitis …


Total Hip Replacement: For Comfort & Functionality

20 March, 2014

What is a Hip Pain? The hip-joint withstands repeated motion and a fair amount of wear and tear. This ball-and-socket joint; the body’s largest; fits together in a way that allows for fluid movement. Despite its durability, with age and use, the cartilage gets damaged. A fall or other injury causes hip bone fracture. Any …


Dealing with back pain for too long?

11 March, 2014

What is lower back pain? Low back provides structural support, movement and protection to body tissues. It supports the upper body while standing, extends at the waist when a person bends, and rotates at the waist upon movement. The lumbar spine and the surrounding muscles in the lower back protect the spinal cord and the …


Pain in Spine: Which Diagnostic Test Do I Need?

10 March, 2014

Though most spinal problems cause symptoms of pain in the neck, back, arm or leg, the underlying cause of that pain can differ for different patients. It is important to understand the exact source of the pain in order to apply the right treatment. While some spinal ailments (infection, fracture, tumour) are fairly straightforward, other …


Can my back pain be a spinal infection?

10 March, 2014

What is spinal infection? The spinal cord and its surrounding structures can become infected due to bacteria or fungi in the following regions: Vertebral column (bones) Intervertebral discs Dural sac (covering around the spinal cord) Space around the spinal cord The different types of spinal infections are as follows: Vertebral Osteomyelitis – The most common form …


Back Pain? Take these Spine tests

10 March, 2014

Diagnosing the exact cause of back pain can be difficult as back pain results from a variety of reasons – it could be muscular strain or have host of spinal causes like degenerative spine disease, wear and tear, anatomical defects, trauma, nerve compression, etc. A spine specialist needs to piece together patient history, physical exam, …


Back Pain? Correct Your Sleeping Posture

10 March, 2014

The only time when a body’s bones, muscles, ligaments and other structures of the spine are in a completely relaxed mode is during sleep time. In cases of a spinal disorder or back injury, it becomes even more important to sleep well in order to aid the healing process. However, a ‘good night’s rest’ is …


Warning Signs & Symptoms Of Chikungunya

16 June, 2018

Chikungunya is a deadly disease that has created a state of panic in many nations recently. It is a viral disease that is caused by the bite of the Aedes mosquito and in some cases can turn fatal. There is a widespread belief that Chikungunya is transmitted through a chicken which is just a myth. …


What Is Hot Yoga? Learn The Different Hot Yoga Poses

21 May, 2018

Sweating, detoxification, mind and body relaxation, do these words excite you? Well then, we are going to tell you about a yoga style which makes you do all those things and then more. The yoga we are talking about is known as Hot Yoga. So, let’s not wait and dive right into what is hot …