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#FreedomFrom Burns and Blisters From Firework – Home Remedies

31 October, 2019

We celebrated Diwali with a lot of joy and happiness. We all have lighted up our houses with candles and diyas. But there are no alarms or signs for any unfortunate events. At that time, we don’t have medical help. So we decided to share some home remedies to heal the burns and blisters caused …


Kinesiology Tape: Is It Helpful or Just Hype?

29 October, 2019

Band-Aids are the first things coming to mind when a child or anyone in the family get scrapes. Athletes can also use these aids for minor cuts, but if the injury is slightly more severe, a Kinesio tape can only do the job. You must have seen your high school sports sensation or players in …


#FreedomFrom Unsafe Diwali: Dos and Don’ts

22 October, 2019

It is that time of the year when the popular Indian sweet – Soan Papdi, makes the round of each of our houses. Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about Diwali. The festival of lights, however, is often celebrated as a festival of danger. Spare a thought or two towards how you …


Method To Correctly Wash Hands: Reducing The Risk Of Infection

15 October, 2019

Global Handwashing Day was introduced to reduce child mortality rates around the world, it is celebrated as Global Handwashing Day to increase awareness about the importance of washing hands. Global Handwashing provides a platform to design creative ways to encourage people to take up washing hands with soap as a routine practice. Thus Global Handwashing …


Diet & Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure (Anal Ulcers)

21 September, 2019

Did you know that 90% of fissures treatment can be done just by changing the diet and using some common ayurvedic medicines? Fissures and piles are often being considered the same due to their similarity in symptoms which are extreme pain in the anal region along with bleeding during a bowel movement. But if you …


Is It Time To Treat Sugar Like Smoking?

21 August, 2019

We all love to eat sweets and chocolates. In India, every special occasion is celebrated with sweets and chocolates. But are you aware of the hidden side effects of sugar? Well, there are many side effects of sugar. In this post, we will also discuss the benefits of quitting sugar.In the past few years, smoking has …


Best Home Remedies To Ease Blocked Nose

22 July, 2019

Blocked Nose is one of the most common conditions among young as well as old people. We get a stuffy or blocked nose from time to time. You will mostly face this discomfort in monsoon and winters. We have a list of effective home remedies for blocked nose. Try these Blocked nose remedies to get …


Common Cold Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

18 May, 2019

Welcome summers – the season of the sun and Ice cream. You would want to eat your favorite ice creams under the cool of the air conditioner. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, it is but everything has its pros and cons. And one of the most uncomfortable cons of enjoying a spine – chilly ice …


Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water – How Much Water Should We Drink A Day

11 May, 2019

<p>&#8220;Motivate. Hydrate. Feel Great&#8221; This is the motto everyone should follow during summers. Having water as much as you can in the summer is the only way that seems to keep your health and body in great shape. The scorching heat and da...


Bird Flu (Avian Influenza)- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

29 April, 2019

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well, the answer to this question becomes of little importance as the new discussion relating to birds emerges. The discussion over The Bird Flu (Avian Influenza)- what is it, how is it spread, what are the causes, what are the symptoms and what is its treatment? Bird …


Boost Your Health With High Protein Diet For Vegetarians

25 April, 2019

Proteins are known to be the best friend of vegans who wish to have healthier and toned bodies. However, there is a saying in the market that vegetarians do not get sufficient protein in their daily diet as required by the body. However, experts agree to the fact that a well-planned high protein diet can provide you …


5 Superfoods To Improve Immunity

16 April, 2019

Every time the weather changes, about half of us get down with either the flu, a viral infection, have cough or develop breathing problems. Aren’t you tired of this cycle? I know I am. Sadly, the environment we live in is just getting worse by the day- the air pollution, the contaminated water and food …


Bring Down Fever With These Natural Home Remedies

2 June, 2018

Does the idea of getting an injection scare you? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Viral fever is a common occurrence in most households. This fever hits both adults and children equally. No matter how scared you are it is important to get the right medical attention if you feel the problem is becoming severe. With …


Top 10 High Calorie Foods in India

10 April, 2018

Whether your dilemma has been to either lose those few extra pounds or put them on, you’ve come to the right place. For most of us, the diet has been a big challenge, without complete information, it is hard to stick to a routine. Especially with Indian food, you can never be sure what food …


Food Safety Post Transplant

17 March, 2017

There is a lot of precaution that you need to follow with your routine, hygiene and food safety post transplant. And the reasons are obvious. You will be on lifelong dose of immunosuppressants and slight neglect can cause you infections indirectly adding up to your woes. Diet plays a very important role in preventing infections …


7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 45+ Years)

4 March, 2017

A routine medical and diagnostic tests is advised to detect any medical issues if any, better prognosis for deadly diseases like cancer, which can be handled better if diagnosed early, and assess your risk for diseases that are in the family and for any impending future medical problems. Diagnostic tests should be carried out even when …


7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 35-45 Years)

3 March, 2017

It is very important for anyone to get a regular check up and perform a diagnostic tests on a yearly basis. There are different diagnostic tests categorized on age group basis. People face different problems in different life stage and most of them even don’t know about the problem. Thus, it is advisable to visit …


6 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (Age Group 27-35 Years)

2 March, 2017

In today’s world which is marked by frequent distractions, stressful lifestyles, polluted environments and sitting jobs, taking care of your health is an imperative. No matter what your age, but a yearly health check up can not just prevent a disease but would also make you work towards a healthier lifestyle. Full Blood Count (FBC) …


Congenital Heart Disease – Symptoms Parents Should Look Out for in their Child

29 June, 2016

<p>Any medical condition or defect in the heart that is developed in the womb (before the birth) that affects the normal working of the heart, is termed as Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). During first 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, the heart begins to...


An Introduction to Stress Echocardiography Test

6 June, 2016

What is a Stress Echo Test? Stress Echocardiography, also known as Stress Echo test, is conducted to check the working of heart muscles and blood vessels. Started in early 1980’s, the test checks the motion or contractile of heart at rest and under stress. Stress Echo Test is conducted by an experienced cardiologist. Since the flow …

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