Medial Collateral Ligament Surgery Articles


Knee Injury: Medial collateral ligament (MCL)

23 April, 2014

Medial collateral ligament (MCL)  After that wonderful football match last evening, do you now feel your knee hurts when touched? You doubt it’s swollen today morning. Possibly you would have injured your knee ligament while locked in that fight with your opponent. Read on to find more about medial collateral ligament injury of the knee. …


Coronoid Process Fracture – Treatment and Precautions

12 August, 2015

What is coronoid process fracture? The coronoid process is a triangular projection on the anterior surface of the third olecranon bone. It acts as a bony buttress to prevent posterior dislocation; additional stability is provided by its three soft insertions, namely the anterior joint capsule of the elbow, the brachialis muscle and the medial ulnar …


Knee Joint Dislocation

6 May, 2014

A Knee Joint Dislocation or Tibiofemoral Joint Dislocation is an extremely serious injury, imposing a threat to limb presence and its functionality. The dislocation occurs when the bone of the legs, tibia and femur, are out-of-place in relation to each other. The four major ligaments responsible for providing stability for the joint are anterior cruciate, …