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Obstetrics And Gynaecology Articles


Contraception Options For Different Age and Stages

13 January, 2020

Contraception or Birth Control is a method for preventing pregnancy. The only foolproof method to prevent pregnancy is abstinence, that is, not have sex. If one is sexually active, then adopting birth control methods is the best way to avoid pregnancy.However, each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons. The important …


29th Week of Pregnancy: Get Ready To Feel The Feet and Arms

14 December, 2019

In the 29th week of pregnancy, the baby is as big as a Butternut Squash. He/she is now trying to show his existence to his/her mom by kicking or moving inside the womb. These movements are very common for 29 weeks pregnant women. Let’s see the change and symptoms in a 29 weeks pregnant women. …


#LadiesAndBabies: Are Pregnancy Medicines Safe?

13 December, 2019

There is no good time to fall ill. However, there is certainly a bad time for contracting sickness. During pregnancy is certainly one of those times. Saying that the gestation period is roses and petals would be wrong. It is simultaneously a time for grave concern towards your health. Pregnancy medicines are one solution but …


#LadiesAndBabies: All You Need To Know About Water Birth Delivery

13 December, 2019

If you are an expecting mom getting closer to her due date, we have more exciting news for you. As one of the options for your childbirth, you can choose to be a mermaid. Water birth delivery is the choice for you. As another section of our blog series, LadiesAndBabies, let us tell you everything of …


#LadiesAndBabies: Common Pregnancy Complications

12 December, 2019

Pregnancy, (noun): A time of utter joy and a simultaneous worry of what might go wrong. Expecting moms and their spouses experience various forms of suspense in this period. Your anxiety is absolutely valid because of pregnancy complications. Complications during pregnancy are health issues that women may be faced with before or during the gestation …


#LadiesAndBabies: Tests During Pregnancy First Trimester

9 December, 2019

What do pregnant women and small kids have in common? They both overgrow old clothes early, crave sour candy and always have someone tell them what to do and what not to do. The last part is distinctly applicable, as pregnancy is a sensitive time. It calls for lots of clinical help. You should expect …


#LadiesAndBabies: 6 Symptoms Of Ovulation And How To Monitor it

9 December, 2019

Most of the young women are unaware of the signs and symptoms of ovulation period. Knowing your ovulation is essential to time the activity of intercourse for couples who are planning to conceive.  Many top gynaecologist suggests that knowing about ovulation is equally essential for the couple who are not yet planning their child. It …


#LadiesAndBabies: Right Age to Get Pregnant?

6 December, 2019

We have all heard the phrase, ‘Age is just a number’, but not in the case of pregnancy. Most of the doctors say that for girls, the right age to get pregnant is their 20s. So we can say that age and pregnancy are interrelated in the life of a woman. These days, women are …


Mental and Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

6 December, 2019

Those pregnant or helping someone through pregnancy would be quite familiar with the relation between pregnancy and emotional changes. Ranging from surprise and excitement over finding out the pregnancy to stress and anxiety over the well being of the growing baby. In this blog, we will be discussing emotional changes, depression during pregnancy and anxiety …


#LadiesAndBabies: Exercise to Get Pregnant Fast

5 December, 2019

Pregnancy is like a ladder – you miss one step and may risk falling. The need for additional attention towards your health starts right when you and your partner decide to conceive. We have already presented a pre-pregnancy checklist for you. So while you check out all the boxes, let us tell you about the need for …


5 Early Signs And Symptoms To Know If You Are Pregnant

2 December, 2019

It is great news and you want to share but before you make that announcement, you want to be sure that you are pregnant. There are few early signs of pregnancy that show up as early as six weeks and can help us confirm pregnancy. You can check your Due date on our pregnancy calculator which …


#LadiesAndBabies: Air Pollution and Pregnancy: Risks & Precautions

30 November, 2019

<p>It is the winter season and love is in the air. Wait, no, particulate matter is in the air! We have succeeded in damaging our air quality to ‘severe’ from ‘poor’. Earlier, the said pollution posed health perils to humans walking the surface of ...


#LadiesAndBabies: Best Pregnancy Exercises For Expecting Mothers

13 November, 2019

‘Good things come to those who sweat’ – One of the many beautiful ways to say that exercising brings great results. And contrary to popular belief, there is no right or wrong time to work out. If only your body (and your medical practitioner, in some cases) allows it, physical activity should be a must …


#LadiesAndBabies: Third Trimester of Pregnancy

5 November, 2019

There comes a time in pregnancy when people mistake your belly with Buddha’s and tend to rub it. If you have experienced more belly rubs recently, we assume your bump would be huge and growing. This jumbo belly is the most vivid sign of the third trimester of pregnancy. Welcome to Ladies and Babies, a blog …


#LadiesAndBabies: Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Weeks 13 to 28

25 October, 2019

<p>Welcome to your Second Trimester of pregnancy After completing the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy, a woman enters the second trimester of her pregnancy. These are the middle three months of pregnancy, from the 13th to 28th week. It is the time d...


#LadiesAndBabies: First Trimester of Pregnancy

17 October, 2019

Loading baby in 1,2,3,…9 months! The event of pregnancy is a turning point in a family’s life. It becomes more and more thrilling each day for expecting parents. The case in point is rather extraordinary for the mother. The thought of pregnancy may lead you to imagine a big bump, hospital visits, intense labour and …


#LadiesAndBabies: Pre Pregnancy Checklist

27 September, 2019

In local Indian circles, the term “Good news” has become interchangeable with the news of pregnancy. Indeed, a woman’s transition to motherhood is a time like no other. Blessings upon blessings are showered on the expecting couples. They are also always at the receiving end of continuous advice and concerns. Though there is a fair …


#LadiesAndBabies: PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

19 September, 2019

PMS Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that influences a woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during certain days of the menstrual cycle, usually before the menses starts. Credihealth is back with the next topic in the series ‘Ladies and babies’. Today we will discuss PMS premenstrual syndrome, its symptoms, causes, and tips to overcome those …


#LadiesAndBabies: Postpartum Depression

6 September, 2019

You must be waiting for the second series of Ladies and Babies. So here we are with a new topic – ‘Postpartum Depression’. We aim to educate our female population about issues and problems we often go through. Always remember, we are the ones who run the world. Let us get started with today’s topic. …


#LadiesAndBabies: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

2 September, 2019

‘Who run the world? GIRLS!’ Beyonce could not be more right when she tells us that we, girls, run this world. Both literally and biologically, the female population partakes largely in the preservation of this world. This makes women’s reproductive health all the more important. But the awareness of women’s health versus its significance is …

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