Peripheral Nerve Surgery Articles


Dizzy? Could be Vertigo

17 December, 2014

What is vertigo? Vertigo refers to a feeling of spinning, rocking or rotating, while otherwise being completely still. It is experienced in form of a sensation of the world moving around a person. It may develop suddenly and last for a short while, or may remain continuous in more severe cases. Vertigo is a manifestation …


Chemotherapy FAQs

6 November, 2014

What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the terminology given to the form of medical treatment which is given to cancer patients. The drugs are called as chemotherapeutic agents/drugs. What is Targeted Therapy? Targeted therapy is a form of treatment in which drugs act by targeting specific receptors on cancer cells. This form of therapy is less …


4 Curable Brain Tumours

12 March, 2014

Primary tumours that are formed in the brain are typically categorised into benign and malignant (cancerous) tumours. Malignant tumours grow rapidly and are aggressive on the brain which can spread to other parts. Benign tumours grow slowly and are less aggressive. Based on the appearance of the tumour under a microscope, the types of brain …


Diabetes: 5 complications that come with it

16 November, 2013

What is diabetes and its complication? Glucose is an important source of energy for the cells and tissues of the body, and hence important for overall health. Diabetes is a disorder that affects how the body consumes blood glucose.  Two forms of chronic diabetes are type I diabetes (production of less or no insulin in …

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