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Dr. Bhushan Bhole Sheds Light on Surgical GastroenterologyDr. Bhushan Bhole Sheds Light on Surgical Gastroenterology

22 May, 2014

<p>Dr. Bhushan Bhole, Consultant Gastrointestinal, Minimal Access &amp; Bariatric Surgery, Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute talks about surgical gastroenterology to treat diseases of the oesophagus, digestive tract, stomach, pancreas, bilia...


Dr. K. R. Vasudevan, Consultant, Department of Liver Transplantation and Surgical Gastroenterology, Sir Ganga Ram HospitalDr. K. R. Vasudevan, Consultant, Department of Liver Transplantation and Surgical Gastroenterology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

12 April, 2014

<p>Dr. Vasudevan is currently Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India. View his profile and book an appointment with him. Read more liver related articles on our health blog. Or visit our online liver clinic. Fo...


Liver Transplant: Risks, Precaution, PreventionLiver Transplant: Risks, Precaution, Prevention

5 December, 2014

<p>What are the known complications of the surgery? Complications of a liver transplant surgery may include: Bleeding Blood clots Failure of donated liver Bile duct complications, like leakage or shrinking of bile duct Infection Memory problems Re...


Dr. Saumitra Rawat – Robotic Gastrointestinal surgeries performed to treat complex diseasesDr. Saumitra Rawat – Robotic Gastrointestinal surgeries performed to treat complex diseases

15 April, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Saumitra Rawat , Chairman and Head &#8211; Surgical Gastroenterology &amp; Liver Transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi talk about Laproscopic and Robotic Gastrointestinal surgeries performed to treat complex diseases like co...


Liver Transplants: How Successful Are They?Liver Transplants: How Successful Are They?

27 March, 2014

<p>As per a Continuous Medical Education (CME) seminar hosted by an eminent liver hospital in Delhi, it was revealed that the past ten years saw a decline in breast cancer and heart ailments and a steep rise in liver diseases (double, to be precis...


Liver Transplant in IndiaLiver Transplant in India

19 March, 2014

What is liver transplant? A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that removes a diseased liver and replaces it with a healthy liver from a donor. Most livers are obtained from deceased donors, though it is possible to obtain a healthy liver part from a living donor too. Liver transplant is usually a last attempt …


Recovery after Gallstone RemovalRecovery after Gallstone Removal

31 October, 2016

Gallstones are hardened substances formed inside the gallbladder which is treated by gallstone removal, this can be because of various reasons like excessive cholesterol, bilirubin etc., some cholesterol stones could be eliminated with the help of medicines. These medicines may be needed for longer period of time but after their discontinuation, there is a strong …


Esophageal Cancer- Symptoms, Causes and TreatmentEsophageal Cancer- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

30 September, 2016

<p>Esophageal cancer arises when cancerous cells develop along the lining of the esophagus( food pipe). It is more common in men than women and the symptoms. It is more common in Asia and Africa than the Western countries. Excessive tobacco and al...


Reasons Not to Delay Hernia SurgeryReasons Not to Delay Hernia Surgery

25 September, 2016

<p>Hernia is a condition when a bulge is formed due to cavity in the abdomen – and depending on where it is formed, it can be classified as Femoral hernia (upper thigh), Hiatal hernia (upper part of stomach) and Umbilical (near belly button). When...


Should You Get a Knee Replacement Surgery?Should You Get a Knee Replacement Surgery?

25 September, 2016

<p>Knee Replacement Surgery has always been associated with skepticism around the potential risk benefit ratio. This surgery has its own share of associated risks and entails a recovery and rehabilitation process. The final take on whether or not ...


Liver Transplant Patient Experience – Rajni PrasadLiver Transplant Patient Experience – Rajni Prasad

4 March, 2016

<p>A liver transplant patient &#8211; Mrs. Rajni Prasad, shares her detailed experience of the procedure at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi and how Credihealth managed her entire hospitalization process. A liver transplant is a complex procedure ...


GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) FAQGERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) FAQ

5 January, 2015

<p>1. What is GERD? GERD is a disorder in which the lower oesophegal sphincter (LES) is affected. LES is the ring of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach. GERD typically occurs when the contents and acids of the stomach flow back into the oes...


How can I treat Acidity?How can I treat Acidity?

29 November, 2014

Acidity leads to various other health problems, and it is better to control it at first recognised symptoms, before facing dire consequences. Prevent or control acidity by opting for a healthy lifestyle. Always remember, prevention is better than cure! To Avoid Recurrence of Acidity: Avoid eating junk and spicy food Avoid irregular and hurried meals …


Indian? You’re Prone To GallstonesIndian? You’re Prone To Gallstones

22 March, 2014

<p>A four-year old scientific study revealed that a certain gene mutation among Indian population makes them vulnerable to the gallstones. In this article, we aim to shed more light on the causes, symptoms and treatment of gallstones to help you m...


Minimal Access Surgery: What You Need To KnowMinimal Access Surgery: What You Need To Know

12 March, 2014

<p>What is minimal access surgery? Minimal access surgery (MAS), also called laparoscopic surgery, is one that is done through one or more small incisions in the body cavity instead of a large incision. Surgeons pass special instruments fitted wit...

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