There are some changes in the body during pregnancy that you should know. Read this article for more information.

Mr. E (Embryo) has found himself a comfortable job at your Uterus and is currently on 9 month probation period. It has come with two fellows- the hormone Estrogen (Mr. EG) and the hormone Progesterone (Mrs. PG). (These two are going to play an important role in the future, which we will know a little later in this article).

Team O (Organs- all the team members of Mr. E) are ready to welcome the new member by giving it space, though at times it’s going to be a tough competition for survival. To welcome the new member, team O is volunteering hormone share the burden by working a little extra, by taking little more pressure but at times Co. M (Company -New Mommy) may feel fatigued or have other different body changes.

Co. M is ready to take all the challenges to see the D Day when the beautiful extension will come into existence but reach the D Day, a journey would be needed. A journey where love, care, and compassion would nurture the dream of Co. M and Team O.

10 Changes in Body During Pregnancy

Co. M is going to face a lot of physical changes during the tenure of 9 months, of which many are attributable to Mr. EG and Mrs. PG and the major ones include:(Though the changes are common in most of the pregnancy, some may however not feel one or more of them.) There are some changes in the body during pregnancy.

1. Hair

We know you love your hair, and you do care a lot about it. So the new joiner E is coming with a beautiful gift of bouncy and healthy hair, a gift funded by Mr. EG & Mrs. PG. Because of these two, hair fall is going to reduce for some time, however, it will resume to normal a few months post-delivery, but we can enjoy it till the time Mr. E is aboard. Also, there can be some unwanted hairs on the body and there can be changes in the texture of nails or hair permanently.

2. Breasts

They are preparing for the major role post-probation of Mr. E.
In the preparation process, mommy may feel tenderness, sourness, swelling, or darkened nipples and areolas. Some women may notice the colostrum in their third trimester which is nothing but milk secretion in preparation for the baby’s upcoming needs.

Also, be prepared for lots and lots of lingerie shopping along with other shopping. After some time, you may feel that these current ones do not fit you anymore.

My husband says, “Throughout your pregnancy, you were in a trauma of, will I ever be able to wear my favorite pre-pregnancy clothes?” I think every woman goes through it.

3. Lungs

Along with Team O, the lungs need to provide oxygen to Mr. E, and the placenta and uterus mean the task is almost doubled. So, mommy may feel shortness of breath.

4. Heart

The heart is the blood supplier of Co. M. Since the clientele has enhanced so is the work along with the pressure from Mr. EG & Mrs. PG. Results being High/Low blood pressure along with growing pregnancy.

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5. Digestive or Gastric System

With new members on board, the team feels a space crunch, and all organs of team O are getting squeezed, impacting their performances as well.

Results being one or more issues like- heartburn, Gas, or constipation. However, in the case of Heartburn, there is a twist, as Mr. E moves towards the end of probation (around the 9th month), he prepares himself for labor, in the process, Mr. E moves a little down and mommy may notice that suddenly she is relieved from heartburn. At least I felt so.

6. Spinal Cord & Stomach

Increasing body and uterus weight puts pressure on these two so Co. M may feel aches and little strain types feeling around the stomach and back.

7. Kidney & Urinary System

Since the first trimester, the kidney, bladder, pelvic muscles, etc. urinary system bears the pressure of expanding the uterus. So mommy may feel the need to urinate frequently or leak urine while sneezing, laughing, etc.

8. Ligament Pain

The ligament is the member of Team O, who in the normal course, holds the pubic/pelvic bones firmly to maintain body balance. But with Mr. E on board, the body prepares itself for the labor, so ligaments lose over the period of time. This loosening of ligaments creates pain for mommy.

9. Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that normally look purple, bluish, or red and develop usually around the legs and thighs. However, in some cases, it may also appear in the vagina or buttock area. These are some of the changes in the body during pregnancy.

Increased blood volume, Mr. EG & Mrs. PG playing around, decreased rate of blood flow, increased body weight, and long-standing are most of the attributing causes of varicose veins.

They generally appear during the second term of probation and diminish within three months to one year of delivery.

Usually, the Varicose veins are harmless, although they may become itchy, uncomfortable, swollen, and painful sometimes.

10. Skin

In pregnancy, skin behaves very drastically, there are a few types of changes skin can show:

a) Skin Type: Mr. E along with Mr. EG and Mrs. PG may change Co. M’s skin type permanently.
For e.g:  if mommy has dry skin, she may suddenly feel pimples or acne, and vice-versa if she has oily skin, she may feel dry skin suddenly.

b) Baby E’s love Prints: Probably the first case where an employee gives an award to the company in the form of ‘Stretch Marks’. I think it’s so cute. These are a few changes in the body during pregnancy.

So this is a form of locking the great memory which mommy and baby shared during the 9 months of job training. They start to appear starting the second trimester, prominently on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

c) Linea Nigra: Now that’s a line that appears on the tummy area, starting below the rib cage and going to the lower abdomen via the belly button, usually around the second trimester of probation (pregnancy). Some old grannies predict the baby’s sex (male/female) based on this (though it failed miserably in my case).

Some say it appears because of heartburn. It can also be accompanied by little hair, probably Mr. E requires more cushioning around. Just like stretch marks, it is slowly going to fade away post-probation. In most cases, it goes away completely unlike stretch marks.

d) Skin Glow: Skin glow varies in each pregnancy and in the case of every woman.

In my case, it was fluctuating, like my husband said, “One day, you were glowing like Diwali light and the other day, you looked so pale, and I felt something is killing you inside. Over the period of time, I realized it was nothing but Mr. E sending signals via the skin glow about how Co. M is treating him. He was praising and complaining about Co. M via the skin glow.”

Jokes apart, it can be due to any reason like- stress level to jolly mood, from rest to exertion, Mr. EG and Mrs. PG, mommy’s diet, or Daddy’s care, you never know.

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Other random changes: Other body changes you may feel or notice are:

i.) Change in foot size: In some cases, Co. M may even find that the foot size is changed by a number or two post-pregnancy.

ii.) Leg Swelling: In the last trimester, legs may get swollen with the increased weight, and mommy may find it tough to remove the footwear in the evening which she wore in the morning only.

iii.) Tooth: Old grannies say a woman loses one tooth per child. Having said that you need to do a little more care of your teeth while pregnant,

iv.) Dryness and Itching: Some women face dryness and itching around the stomach and legs area,

v.) Nausea and morning sickness: Quite a known and common thing, some may have it throughout pregnancy or some may feel it only in the first trimester, totally unpredictable.

vi.) Mood Swings: Mr. E and Mrs. P again come into the picture.
So now you know whom to blame when your wife’s mood suddenly goes to the moon from earth or earth to sea, or she suddenly starts sweating.

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Takeaway: Changes During Pregnancy

Though there may be many more, I have tried to list down as much as I could. I wish you to have a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy and an easy delivery. These are based on my experience and research so far, hope it helps you but it’s always better to follow your gynecologist’s advice.

Happy Pregnancy!!


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