Extensive studies have shown that cancer is second in the list of top fatal diseases while heart diseases top the list. With medical advancement and development of drugs, malignant tumours that are detected in the early stages can be cured effectively.

Some symptoms of cancer are very obvious and if experienced, immediate consultation with a doctor is necessary.

10 Most Overlooked Cancer Symptoms:

1. For breast cancer the most obvious symptom that women should keep an eye out for is unusual enlargement of the breasts or lumps in the breasts. Other more subtle symptoms may include redness of the skin around the breast, skin rashes on the breast and nipple discharges.

2. When it comes to lung cancer one of the most tell-tale symptoms is a constant and prolonged cough. Generally a common cough lasts around a week, after which it goes away. If you have a cough that does not go away even after a week, then it is necessary that you get a checkup done. The cough may be because of lung cancer. If constant coughing is accompanied with blood, breathing problems and chest pain, then visiting a doctor becomes high priority.

3. Brain cancers is a very serious condition. A headache once in a while is not a problem. But if you start experiencing constant headaches that have worsened with time then a doctor need to be consulted.

4. Another very obvious symptom of brain cancer is unexpected seizures. If you experience a seizure and do not usually suffer from it then it is most likely brain cancer.

5. Cancer of the skin can be identified with obvious changes in the colour of the skin or unusual variation of body moles. The ‘Ugly Duckling Sign”, that is moles different from normal body moles can indicate skin cancer.

6. Cancer of the liver can lead to swelling and pain in the liver area. Be careful of pain in the right side of the stomach, just under the ribs. The symptoms are similar to that of jaundice, and the cancer can necessarily lead to jaundice. A thorough examination of the body is necessary to identify the tumour.

7. Bone cancers can be detected due to excessive pain in the bones. The tumour makes the bones weak due to which they become brittle and start paining. In very rare occasions the bone might also break. This form of cancer is very difficult to detect.

8. Generally cancer of the lymph nodes is easily detectable due to swelling of the lymph node that it affects. Although this area is not painful form most people, in some cases slight pain may be experienced. The swollen gland should be immediately checked by a doctor.

9. Leukemia can be generally identified when a healthy person suddenly starts suffering from anaemia. An anaemic person has a low red blood cell count and has a slightly pale appearance.

10. Colon cancer can be identified with irregular bowel habits accompanied with pain and blood in your stool.


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