Asthma is a condition in which an individual’s airways of lungs become inflamed, narrow, and swell, producing extra mucus. It makes breathing difficult for the person. Asthma can be mild or severe, interfering with daily activities. However, It is difficult to cure asthma completely, but you can manage the disease with the help of various natural and medical treatment methods. There are many Natural home remedies, like clove, ajwain Patta, star anise, Mulethi, garlic, ginger, etc., that could help with asthma. In addition, some home exercises like pranayam might also act well for asthma. However, a doctor must be consulted before using any herbs or home remedies for asthma. 

Benefits of Home remedies to cure asthma – 

Though there are many benefits of consuming homemade medicines or home remedies for asthma, there can be a significant advantage of taking any of the below-mentioned home remedies because they are entirely natural and can provide many benefits to the body. Without any artificial chemical injected or consumed by the body. These herbs are often present in the home and can easily be converted into medicines to prevent asthma symptoms.

  • Improve lung function
  • Prevent symptoms of asthma 
  • Treat asthma attack 
  • Reduce emergency hospital visits 

13 Home Remedies For Asthma Treatment –

The following herbs can be used as a home remedy for asthma-

#1. Mulethi –

Mulethi or licorice roots are used to help with asthma. A tea made with multi can be recommended by physicians or family members to relieve asthma. To make tea with Mulethi, take the licorice roots or Mulethi and put them in boiling water. Take it out after 5 minutes, pour the tea into a cup and enjoy the benefit of Mulethi for Asthma.

#2. Clove –

Clove is commonly used in the Indian kitchen to relieve asthma. It is used for creating a concoction and should be used as a coarse powder. The concoction can be used with tulsi leaves and black pepper. You should boil all of these ingredients in water and drink this concoction to get relief from asthma. The aromatics and oils in clove help open the airways in the lungs.

#3. Ajwain Patta –

The leaves of ajwain might help and provide relief from the symptoms of asthma. Boiling a few leaves of ajwain in water and inhaling the vapors of this mixture can help open up the airways. You can also create a concoction with ginger and pepper to relieve the chest from congestion and add a little honey before taking it.

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#4. Star Anise –

It is known as chakra Phool and might help with asthma. It helps with bronchial cough and is taken with honey. Star anise is also called Anasphal, and it is used in many traditional medicines as well. You can mix Many other ingredients with star anise to relieve asthma symptoms.

#5. Garlic – 

Garlic stimulates excretory functions, aiding in food digestion and strengthening the lungs. Garlic has many health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Since asthma is an inflammatory disease, garlic can help relieve your symptoms.

#6. Ginger – 

Ginger is a herb that also contains anti-inflammatory properties and is linked to an improvement in the symptoms of asthma. Ginger is also used in several traditional medicines to relieve asthma. You should avoid or limit your ginger intake if you have acidity and bloating.

#7. Turmeric –

Turmeric is a spice commonly used to prepare dishes in many places. Turmeric has the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and can help with the inflammation caused in the lungs due to asthma. It is one of the most accessible home remedies as it is widely used and present in most households.

#8. Karpoorathy oil –

Karpoothy oil can help with asthma; it relieves the phlegm that is congested in the chest and might help breathe freely. This oil can be used as an application of the oil to the back and chest. Karpoorathy oil is used in many traditional medicines to provide relief from asthma.

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#9. Omega-3 oils –

Omega – 3 oils are found in fish and flax seeds that have many benefits like decreased lung function inflammation and improved asthma. High doses of steroids can block the benefits of omega-3 oils; hence you should consult your doctor before upping your omega-3 intake. They can also be applied to the chest to get relief from the symptoms of asthma.

#10. Vasa –

Vasa has different regional names, but its decoction with dry ginger and pepper or honey is used by ayurvedic physicians and can potentially help the cough associated with bronchial asthma. However, it is not widely known, but it can provide a lot of relief from asthma symptoms. It is essential to check with your ayurvedic doctor before starting vasa.

#11. Isvari –

It is also known as serpent root and can help with bronchial asthma. This plant’s root powder is used with honey to treat bronchial asthma and can help with cough, fever, and toxicities. Isvari is only to be consumed after getting a recommendation from your doctor.

#12. Honey and Caffeine –

Honey is used to help soothe the throat and reduce coughing. Caffeine is a bronchodilator that reduces the respiratory muscles’ fatigue and is effective with asthma. Both honey and coffee can improve the airways’ function and reduce asthma symptoms.

#13. Boswellia for Asthma – 

There is solid evidence that Boswellia is beneficial and successful in treating asthma. The natural asthma cure is established and tested, but it may have some bothersome or severe side effects. So always consult your doctor before taking the natural asthma treatment remedy to avoid complications.

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FAQs –

What foods help with asthma?

Certain foods at home that can help with asthma are almonds, hazelnuts, and seeds are good sources, as well as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. In addition, vitamin E could help cut the cough and wheezing from your asthma.

Can you control asthma naturally?

Many home remedies can control asthma naturally. Some natural relaxation remedies like deep breathing or pranayam, muscle relaxation, can help relieve stress caused due to the symptoms of asthma. It can also help with relief for the airways.

What food items should a patient avoid?

An asthma patient should avoid food items such as eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, soy, fish, wheat, shrimp, and tree nuts. Moreover, some trigger foods for specific patients can cause asthmatic attacks that should also be avoided. For some people, peanut butter is a trigger for an asthmatic attack.

Can one use a home remedy for asthma instead of medicines?

No one should not use any herbs as a self-medication. It is advised not to change, replace or discontinue the medical treatments. Using these herbs as a supplement for the condition rather than a replacement for medications is better.

Summary –

Asthma is a type of lung disease or condition that can be accompanied by coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, etc. It can be life-threatening when constriction in the airways of the lungs. You can use many home-natural herbs & remedies like clove, ajwain, clove, onion, and ginger for asthma cure. Though there are many benefits of consuming Home remedies for Asthma, it is often best to consult with the doctor to get the best treatment possible.

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