The New Moms Club is home to thousands of mums, Here are 30 witty mums telling you the most amusing, sometimes weird, suggestions they got while they were pregnant. You won’t leave without a laugh! 

  • My mother-in-law used to tell me…”do not cross over any wire, pipeline, rope, or any sort of divider, else my baby would get tangled with my cord” hahahaha LOL..this was annoying but I laughed after delivery as nothing happened even after crossing all possible such stuff! – Jasmine D’souza
  • “Do not eat cold items like ice cream, juices, etc., as baby will get stuck and will take a longer time to come out.” -Nupur Jain
  • “Drinking buttermilk can entangle the cord around baby…” – Margi M Parekh
  • I have a list of such things which my MIL used to say while I was pregnant…
    • “Don’t eat any sweet outside the home otherwise when you will come with the sweetened mouth…the life of your baby is at risk.”
    • “Don’t cross any bridge and don’t go near to any sea or river or lake…otherwise the cord will get stuck to your baby”
    • “Don’t cross any circle on road else your baby position will change…” These are few…now to I even don’t remember what stupid things she believes and she want that we should also believe… – Ratika Tarun Gupta

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  • “Don’t eat beetroot, baby will get dark complexion.” – Asha Saini
  • “Don’t eat egg it’s a kind of death of another baby.” – Itti Deepak Mahajan
  • “Eat white things baby will be born white”… I took advantage and had lots of rasgulla in pregnancy, my favourite…. LOL…. – Sharan Saini Kakade
  • I had a big argument with my husband and had to speak to the doctor since it’s an inter-caste marriage my MIL told my hubby don’t let her have fish it has heat and will spoil the baby, and me being Bengali, couldn’t resist fish. Only after we visited the doctor, he was told that it’s the best protein for me! – Boski Majumdar Navlani
  • I know many are told so but it really sounds funny…. “Drink milk with loads of ghee… It helps in slipping the baby into pelvis” – Neha Mohan
  • My MIL told me not to drink cold water in summers otherwise the baby’s colour will turn blue…. – Pooja Kaushal Tibrewal
  • My MIL said “don’t go anywhere outside around 12 PM and after sunsets” and also forced me to go to my parents home till 4th month of my pregnancy… – Shivani Amit Jain
  • So many people used to say “have coconut n mishri first in d morning… your baby will have fair complexion”…hahaha this was really funny for me. – Priyanka Maheshwari Gupta
  • Mine is hilarious…….one of my mom’s friend said “if you do jhaduu (cleaning with broom) then baby’s hair will be good……LOL….still can’t stop myself from laughing….. – Sonika Gupta
  • Now listen mine also…. I was asked not to tie salwar tightly. .. reason child will get scar on his nose. – Swati Khanna Dahiya
  • I had a friend who told me to eat rasogullas and vanilla ice cream everyday so my baby would be of a fair complexion. – Smitha Nair
  • During Pregnancy: “Don’t eat spinach otherwise the baby complexion will get dark”. And after delivery: “Don’t brush the teeth and bathe for first few days.” – Shefali Kaushal Shukla
  • Post delivery I was asked not to keep my little one’s and my clothes overnight in the open as people can use ‘black magic’ on us.. Another one – “Not to wear bra as it can stop milk flow.” I was asked to dispose of diapers in such a way that dog should not eat my child potty.. because if a dog ate it my child would have stomach ache.. – Priyanka Dhand
  • Rasgulla in pregnancy is one of the most common myths –Tanya Dharv
  • “Don’t eat Chinese it will bad for baby health” ….ohk if it is so then what do Chinese people eat in China …..its a myth I said and had it whenever I use to crave for it…
    “Drink coconut water your baby will be very fair or have coconut seed for pregnancy”….again its a myth it’s just abt genes…mad thought.
    “Drink milk have curd your baby will come out white”
    “Mopping karo baby aram sey makahn ki tarha deliver hoga” and for 3 months I mopped and had a C-section…..
    “Don’t buy new clothes for baby let baby wear ur cousins baby clothes else nazar lag jayegi”.. Really ???? maine toh new clothes pehnaye and my baby was fine healthy….. – Smriti Anubhav Sharma
  • “Subaah uthte hi bina kuch khaye, bina brush kiye rather, coconut ka seed kha lo, ladka paida hoga.” Still I get irritated and annoyed whenever I remember this. Not at all funny for me. – Nikita Suvi
  • “Have lots of desi ghee helps in delivery as baby can slip down easily….” – Sumati Kanwar Chauhan
  • “Do not eat chocolate…baby’s complexion will get dark” – Megha Joshi Nautiyal
  • LOL.. I too was told this desi ghee wala nuskha. Was asked to add ghee in a glass of milk and drink. Just a thought of it made me puke! Thankfully my MIL asked me to ignore such stuff and only follow what the gynaec said. One really stupid post delivery suggestion was to mop the floor. This would increase the breast milk…One more.. if you look at a snake during pregnancy it will turn blind! Huhaha.. How powerful are we! – Astha Chaturvedi
  • I was told if I take omega fatty acid tablets baby will get blue eyes. -Anju Jaiswal
  • I was told if i have rasgulla in pregnancy, my baby will be sweet – Sudipti Saxena

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  • I was told to put a white dupatta on eyes at night when I was about to sleep… then I’ll get a fairer child.. OMG!!! I was literally shocked by listening to this.. – Nitya Simmy Chandwani
  • I was asked not to eat baingan (brinjal) or any dark vegetables otherwise baby complexion will be black like baingan….I was like let me eat some spinach n see if baby comes out green..LOL – Sony Kaur
  • I was told the same.. Rather I was asked to eat coconut seed for pregnancy. Now does tht even exists!! Crazy people… –Deepika Vaziraney Verma
  • I have two-three new. All advised by my mother-in-law.
    1. “When your baby will start cooing you will start having a hair fall”. Of course, it happened but probably because it’s the hormone change after 3-4 months of delivery right around the time baby starts to make sounds.
    2. “Do not make the baby look at a mirror as it will give her loose motions.” I got so psyched with these sort of advice’s that I actually wanted to try all. When my baby didn’t poop for few days I made her look at a mirror so many times only to have a good laugh later. No poop for 8 days even after looking at the mirror.
    3. “During pregnancy my MIL used to say, “do not look at your dog as baby’s nose will be a lil utha hua. Many people have told me to have coconut seeds for pregnancy” Blew my head!! -Heena Hitesh Rustagi

Some more myths which I use to listen during my pregnancy were very interesting.

1. Guessing the gender of baby by the shape of woman’s stomach. “If a woman is carrying high, in all possibility it is a girl n if she is carrying low it is a boy.”

2. Craving for salty food means you are having a boy and craving for sweets means you are expected to have a gal. -Ratika Arora Vasudeva

3. During pregnancy I was told to wash my hair on every Wednesday so that the baby would be a boy…I seriously didn’t understand how washing hair could change the gender of a baby…-Khushboo Agarwal Gupta
Same happened with me…

  1. People used 2 say “take hot milk with desi ghee and baby will slip down easily.
  2. “Eat anything white first thing in d morning n baby will b white”….don’t understand why people are color conscious and not health conscious. In that case, all dark-skinned Africans could be white…
  3. “Drink lots of coconut water…again baby will be fair or have coconut seed for pregnancy”…in that case all south Indians (with due respect) drink lots of coconut water…but it doesn’t affect the color. Color depends on genes and not what you eat. No doubt coconut water or coconut seed for pregnancy is very nutritious n should, but not because of any foolish reason.
  4. “If you look beautiful during pregnancy you will deliver a baby girl and just opposite if you look dull and ugly you will deliver a baby boy”….LOL….a female looks beautiful during pregnancy because of good diet and not because of the gender of the baby….similarly looking ugly or swollen face are all due to hormonal changes.
  5. “Gender of the baby depends on the size of your tummy…..if only tummy is out means baby boy….if gained throughout body means a baby girl…”
  6. “Mopping leads to normal delivery.”
  7. dark vegetables, fruits and veggies should be avoided….otherwise you will have a baby with dark complexion….hahaha…n many more myths……cant tell you all LOL -Prabhjot Rajwanshi Kohli

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