You are about to enter the last month of pregnancy. It won’t be long before you meet your baby, this is the 35th week of pregnancy. But it is not going to be easy for you. There are many 35 weeks pregnant symptoms that can make your journey difficult. Here’s what 35 week pregnant women have to look forward to this week.

Growth in your Little One

Can you now guess the size of the baby in the 35th week of pregnancy? He is about the size of a honeydew melon. His length will be nearly 18.5 inches and will weigh about 5.5 pounds.

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The baby is preparing himself for the world outside. He/she is building up some fat day by day to regulate his or her body temperature after birth. In case of the baby boy, his testicles are starting to descend from his abdomen into his scrotum.

During the 35th week of pregnancy, the baby is floating in about a quart of amniotic fluid, which will decrease gradually. He/she will keep on floating and changing the position often. The physical development of the baby is almost done.

At the end of the 36th week of pregnancy, the baby will rotate to a head-down position for labour and delivery.

Changes in 35 Weeks Pregnant Women

As the baby is gaining weight, your uterus will keep on increasing week by week. The 35 weeks pregnant mothers will experience many changes in their bodies. Some of them are mentioned below.

The breast size is still increasing. You will experience sore ribs because the baby changes its position (head-down) and kicking her/his legs. This pain will ease when the baby moves down into your pelvis. But, we advise you to consult the doctor who can tell you the accurate reason for the pain.

Your belly button may feel tender and you may experience shortness of breath, which is quite common during this week. You may also feel Braxton Hicks, the practice contractions. But if the pain is severe, then call your doctor now. This could also be a sign of early labour.

You have to visit your doctor or midwife every two weeks to ensure that everything is normal inside the womb. Some of the 35 weeks of pregnant symptoms are headache, haemorrhoids, bleeding gums, skin rashes, stretch marks and troubled sleep.

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Things to Do During 35th Week of Pregnancy

Now it’s time to take proper rest and have good sleep. It is advised to sleep on the sides during your third trimester. This will help you sleep well and avoid the risk of stillbirth. The pregnant mother should also take a daytime nap. This will boost energy and avoid tiredness.

Somewhere between 35 weeks and 37 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor may test you for the Group B streptococcus (GBS) bacterium.

It’s the 35th week of pregnancy, you should not take anything lightly. Take a well-balanced diet and drink more and more water to store energy for the time of delivery. Don’t avoid exercise and yoga for easy delivery. Just five weeks to go, enjoy and take care of your baby.

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