What exactly is cellulite?

When excess fat accumulates against the vertical connective tissue which surrounds the fat cells and start bulging out, it results in a dimpled effect which is termed as cellulite. Cellulite usually accumulates in the stomach, thighs or buttocks. It is a common mistake when people assume that cellulite affects only middle-aged women. Cellulite is fat, and therefore it is not necessary that it affects middle-aged women only. Cellulite can affect the old and the young at any time. Here are some ways that you can adopt to lose that access fat.

#1 Healthy Diet

Your diet needs to be healthy and well-balanced. Diet plays an essential role in controlling cellulite. Make sure that you have food with plenty of fiber content and whole grains like- barley, oats and bran. Grains and fiber regulate your metabolism and ensure healthy movement of your bowels cleaning your system thoroughly.

Fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are high in nutritious value and provide you with essential energy. Make sure that you increase your water intake, as water helps in the shedding of fat. Water also helps to toughen the collagen in the skin; as a result the lumpy look of the skin lessens. Ensure that you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, to keep yourself healthy and fit.

#2 Healthy fat Intake

Avoid taking in fat as much as possible. But if you do eat fatty food like olives, avocados and nuts which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This food ensures that you have a healthy skin. Healthy skin will hide your cellulite effectively and makes it less noticeable.
Food that results in gaining of weight and increases your body water retention should be completely avoided. This kind of fatty food results in the formation of cellulite. Avoid processed, super market food and fast food. For example; French fries, candies, corn chips and potato chips. Even sodas and baked food should be consumed in low amounts.

#3 Regular Exercise

To remain fit and fine it is necessary that you take out time from your busy schedules and spend some quality time doing exercises. Exercising will burn all the unhealthy toxins in your body and reduce the excess fat that is stored. You can spend some time everyday taking a walk or jogging in the park, going for a swim or doing yoga. You can also hit the gym if you like and follow a daily routine of exercises to get rid of cellulite.

#4 Massage and Exfoliate

To regulate the circulation in the body and break the excess fat you can make use of a sudser, which sports multiple nubs. Massaging with a sudser on the affected area will really help you to get rid of the fat. You can also use an exfoliant rich in coffee content to break up the fat and get rid of the lumps.

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