Wednesday , March 22 2023

4 Reasons Why Men Cheat on Women

Men cheat on women more than what we believe. Not just young men but also the middle-aged and older ones. Do you deem sexual dissatisfaction as the cause for men cheating on women?

You’ll be shocked to know that cheating is not always about sex.

There are several reasons that trigger men to start an extra marital affair. In this article we try to reveal some of the most common reasons for men cheating on their women.

#1 Unhappy married life.

You thought that your guy is unaffected by the arguments and fights because he never shows any emotions. Mind you, there are a lot of emotions lying beneath that tough outer shell that men put up. When there are regular fights at home, men too feel vulnerable to emotional support and comfort in the other women they meet outside.

#2 No sparks in the marriage.

With each wedding anniversary, boredom and monotony of life settle into the lives of many married couples. Children, financial responsibilities and job pressure leaves their spouses too drain for the intimate moments which were once the center of their relationship. Talks are mostly always directed at the issues at home. Men begin to share light and intimate moments with other women at work.

#3 Experiment with sex.

Yes there are men who want to pursue a very active sex life that too with variety. They don’t want to restrict themselves to only their spouse or partner but get sexually attracted to other women.

#4 Emotional dissatisfaction.

Like women, men too have an intrinsic need for being appreciated and praised by their partner though they don’t voice it much. When the wives become too busy handling different aspects of family life, they don’t pay attention to their husbands. Men find themselves ignored and not valued at home. So, they look for someone who can shower praise, appreciation and fulfill their emotional needs.

It is found that men are not ‘selfish creatures.’

Many men are found to feel guilty of being unfaithful to their partners. However, guilt is unable to stop them from seeking pleasure, support or comfort from their extra marital affair. It is important that both husband and wife take steps to create a blissful marital relationship.

As a wife, be thoughtful of the physical and emotional needs of your husband. Once in a while take a break from all other responsibilities to spend time with him, pursue an activity together, make him feel special or compliment on something that he has done will go a long way in building and sustaining a bond. Talk to him if he something is bothering him. Don’t let an emotional void ruin the most important relationship of your life.



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