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Cervical Cancer Treatment

4 Steps for Glowing Winter Skin

Yup, it’s true. Acne could actually get worse in winters. A person might end up consuming less water than he should because he doesn’t feel the same urge as compared to summers. This can cause the skin to become dehydrated. Another reason skin becomes dry is because of the cold winter chills. Here are 4 important steps to religiously follow to get a glowing winter skin. 

1. Wash Your Face Clean

Winters also mean lose dust particles in the air that tend to find their way to your pores. Make sure you wash your face at least twice daily. Use a cleanser that doesn’t make your skin feel dry. Always remember to pat your skin dry. Rubbing the skin with a towel could lead to larger pores and skin irritation. 

2. Scrub it out

The natural process of shedding the outer most layer of the body slows down during winters – meaning more dead cells which could hinder absorption of moisture. To avoid this rather ugly situation, scrub your body at least twice a week. You could use a loofah or lightly use a pumice stone to scrub out dead cells and get blood circulation back on track.

cosmetic3. Moisturize & pack it up

All the washing and scrubbing would eventually leave the skin clean but dry. Make sure you choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type. Try a natural face pack to lock-in moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh and glowy.

4. The Right Diet, that’s it & Exercise!credihealth exercise


Even after having worked on your skin externally, internal health of the body also matters. A healthy body will bound to have a glowing face. Make sure you’re eating those veggies and getting time to exercise, even if its just a walk in the park.



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