Monday , March 27 2023
Plant, Food, Produce, Fruit, Orange, Citrus Fruit, Vegetable
Plant, Food, Produce, Fruit, Orange, Citrus Fruit, Vegetable

5 Foods Everyone Should Avoid

It has to be realized and understood by people that the kind of lifestyle they live drastically affects their health. Today with the supermarket trend gaining immense popularity, easy to make and processed food is available without any difficulty. These kinds of food products are low on nutritional value and high on fat content. The fast paced lifestyle demands food that can be cooked easily but people have to realize that readymade food is no match to a balanced homemade meal.

Here are 5 types of food that definitely need to be avoided if you want to lead a healthy life.

#1 White Bread

White bread is processed flour that is very low on nutrition content and high on sugar. Thus white bread makes you feel hungry soon after you have eaten your meal. Thus even if you eat large quantities of bread during your meal you will still feel hungry quickly. Because of the high sugar content in the bread you will tend to gain weight.

For a healthier diet you can take whole grain bread instead of white bread. This is because it is a source of gamma-oryzanol which helps lower your cholesterol if taken regularly.

#2 Fried and Oily Food

Fried food like potato chips, french fries, doughnuts and nuggets are high on calorie content and will only result in increasing your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Apart from fast food, try to avoid frying your food even when you prepare meals at home. You can eat more baked food as baking retains all the nutrition in food items.

#3 Salads with Cream Based Dressings

When you are on a diet the first dish that you will opt for is a salad. This is because salads are generally high on vitamin and fiber content. Thus they are very healthy for the body. But those salads that have a cream based dressing are an exception. Cream may make the meal more delicious and appetizing, but it has to be kept in mind that it has high calorie content.

As an alternative to cream you can try healthy oil dressings with your salads. Olive oil is very healthy and also makes a tasty salad dressing.

#4 White Rice

White rice is commonly mistaken as a food item that contains high nutritional value. But this is not true. White rice is similar to white bread; it has more starch and fat content than nutrition. Instead of white rice you can opt for brown rice to accompany your meat dishes. Brown rice is also more filling and reduces the risk of developing cancer.

#5 Corn Syrup

Corn syrup that is high on fructose is used in most sodas and processed food. Corn syrup can lead to weight gain and it makes you feel incessantly hungry. It may even lead to the risk of diabetes and create other health complications.
Instead of regular soda you can switch to fruit juice or diet soda which is healthier.

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