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5 things your dermatologists wont tell you

5 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

Dermatologists don’t often reveal everything that they know – they hold back the secrets that can make our skin look radiant and young. And because they don’t share information with respect to treatments and procedures, we have compiled below five secrets that can help you achieve better looking and better feeling skin in no time.

#1 Wash your face before sleeping

The skin comes into contact with million particles in a day and going to bed without washing your face can cause quite a lot of harm to your skin. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face and apply plenty of night cream to keep your skin soft and supple.

#2 The side you sleep on gets the most wrinkles

Almost all of us like to sleep on our sides but the most evident side effect that your dermatologist won’t tell you is that it causes that side to develop wrinkles. Hence, the best way to prevent this from happening is to sleep on our backs.

#3 A product that makes your skin too clean should not be used

Chances are that such a product is stripping your skin off of its nutrients and moisture. So, if you have a dry or sensitive skin, make sure you avoid using soap.

#4 Cracks between the toes are most probably fungus

Get an over-the-counter medicine to treat the fungus.

#5 You will have to remove all your clothes for a full body exam

This is the only way a dermatologist can properly examine you.

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