Once a couple decides to go for a child, they seem to be all in for it and amongst many other fertility mistakes having too much sex, tops the list. This is not all and there are many other fertility mistakes that need to be corrected, to ensure things are in place:

  1. The Right Time: While most women have a 28 days cycle which means that ovulation generally happens on day 14, the rule doesn’t apply to all and you may end up getting exasperated if you plan your intercourse around that time. For each woman, the cycle varies, and while the 28 day cycle may apply to most women, it may spread from 26-32 days cycle. A good method to find out day of ovulation would be to count back 14 days from the day you started your period. More so, if your cycle is regular, ovulation will typically happen during this time, increasing the chances of conception.
  2. Bad Habits: Sticking on to your bad habits indirectly affect your fertility too. It’s essential to understand that only after you do away with smoking and drinking, will your chances of getting pregnant increase. Decreased intake of caffeine managing a healthy weight and avoiding along with keeping a balanced and relatively healthy diet are very essential to maintain fertility levels to avoid unnecessary fertility mistakes. Decreased intake of sugar is also advised.
  3. Having Sex Every Day: Having intercourse every day can lead to a decrease in your man’s sperm count, which takes a few days to rebound. Once you have identified the days when ovulation would happen, it is recommended to have sex every other day rather than every day in the week preceding and leading to ovulation and during the week after.
  4. Too Early a Visit to the Specialist: A visit to the specialist is anyways advised once you are planning a child. But it should be understood that it takes usually an year to get pregnant if you are under 35 and have no underlying health problems. If you are above 35, the visit can happen after six months of trying to address causes that may be leading to failure of conception. The baseline is it won’t happen overnight and is a rigorous process.
  5. Waiting too Long to go to the Specialist: Issues related to women menstrual cycle like cycle shorter than 25 days or longer than 35 days, painful intercourse and eventual bleeding are the conditions that are not routine and need immediate attention from the doctor. It is good to check with your gynaecologist to rule out any health conditions that might need treatment.
  6. Obsessing About Positions: While you may be pretty adventurous with various coital positions in your routine sexual life, the good news is that the sperm doesn’t need any special position to travel upto egg and moves right towards it after ejaculation. There is no correlation between a sexual position and chances of getting pregnant.
  7. Waiting for the Right Time: And yes while juggling between your career, establishing financial security and safe house, don’t forget that if having a child is on your priority it can be postponed. You can do that while you carry out other important chores simultaneously.
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