Kids’ teeth are very prone to cavities, and they love sweets and chocolates. With poor oral hygiene, keeping cavities at bay becomes challenging. So there is an endless fight over oral hygiene between kids and their mothers. We suggest a way to handle all the stress and still keep cavities at bay.

Good Oral Hygiene

Teach your child to brush after every meal, this will prevent buildup of any food debris and delay chances of cavity formation. Brushing twice a day has been the current best practice, three times a day or post every meal, will be an ideal situation.

Encourage your child to do this every day and reward them if they follow this routine.

Know Thy Toothpaste

Use fluoride based toothpaste since it is an essential mineral that helps in strengthening teeth. It also prevents tooth decay. Regular use of fluoride based toothpaste can help in making teeth resistant to cavities and help buildup stronger teeth.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Though it may not seem necessary, frequently visiting your dentist is highly essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Leftover debris solidifies over time and cannot be removed easily only using a brush. This can predispose the teeth to cavities. Regular visit can help the dentist assess the condition of teeth and suggested cleaning can help remove plaque off your pearly whites.

Chew Gum

Preferably use of sugarless gum can help in increased production of saliva and help in neutralisation of acids that are left on your teeth after a meal and which are the primary reason for causing cavities.


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Practice Flossing Daily

Flossing helps in removal of left over particles that remain stuck between teeth. These leftover particles cause tooth decay and cavities. So make flossing an essential part of your kid’s hygiene.

Eat Raisins

A small amount of raisins, which are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, have been known to prevent cavities.  Eating more than required quantities, however may negate the effect.

Check if Sealants Can be Used

These sealants serve to provide an additional coating on the teeth and prevent them from getting affected by cavities.

Eat Cheese

Cheese is rich in calcium and casein, both of which are known to help remineralize teeth and help prevent cavities from occurring.

Use a Straw with Sugary Drinks

Avoid sugary drinks at all, if consuming them occasionally, use straw than sipping directly.

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