Period Cramps vs Early Pregnancy Cramps

Having cramps may be indicating a sign of pregnancy or simply indicate your period. Know the differences between period cramps and early pregnancy cramps here!

Period Cramps vs Early Pregnancy Cramps
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All girls go through menstruation every month. With menstruation, comes cramps which can be experienced either before, or during period cramps. They However, each person will have different manifestations of cramps because the factors that affect them are different. One of the most common confusion that arises whilst experiencing cramps is, " hey, maybe I am pregnant ". This happens as the symptoms of mild abdominal pain, or cramps before the period are quite easy to be confused with cramping during early pregnancy in some girls. To know how different their manifestations are, please read the article below for more information.

Cramps during pregnancy

[caption align="aligncenter" width="500"]pregnancy cramps Early Pregnancy Cramps[/caption] Cramps will feel like pain during menstruation when the uterus contractions create feelings of convulsions, heavy in the pelvis. Cramping during pregnancy can also be caused by standing too long. When you sneeze, cough, or laugh, a sudden increase in abdominal pressure also causes cramps. Some cramps are heavy, uncomfortable, and painful. Doctors often rely on early pregnancy cramps as a marker of the increased size of the uterus. Although fetal growth in the first trimester is relatively slow, hormonal changes and blood levels in the pelvic area are very high. These changes take place in preparation for the next few months. The uterus is a relatively small organ that is made up of flexible muscle fibers. When the uterus increases in size, accompanied by the cause of discomfort for pregnant women in the phenomenon of cramps. And it is quite similar to cramps before the period. Understanding the cause and understanding of this phenomenon will help to provide care for both mothers and fetuses.

Cramps during periods

[caption align="aligncenter" width="500"]pregnancy period cramps Period Cramps[/caption] Cramps before the period this stage are caused by stronger contractions of the uterus that push the blood pressure. The main cause is prostaglandin, a natural substance produced by the body, which causes the uterus to contract.

Symptoms of menstrual cramps

  • The appearance of pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic area.
  • You will be stressed by the pain of grinding out constantly.
  • The pain will make your back and thighs ache.p
  • Some people experience more severe symptoms than usual, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, and even a high fever.
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Difference between Period Cramps and Pregnancy Cramps

As mentioned above, cramps occur during pregnancy due to the adaptation of the uterus, in preparation for delivery. At the same time, there is the adaptation of the body to the development of the fetus in your abdomen. The appearance of cramps in pregnancy is quite normal. Cramping during pregnancy is usually a mild pain in the pelvic area and lower abdomen. Meanwhile, cramps before the period are the pain more intense, continuously occurring until the end of a menstrual period. The duration of cramps when pregnant is usually mild pain in the lower abdomen and it does not appear much. With menstrual cramps, the duration may be 1-2 days before menstruation. Many people will have signs in 3-5 days; the intensity will increase at the start of the cycle. Just like cramps before the period, the appearance of cramps during pregnancy will make the girls pretty tired. So resting, loosening your body, or drinking a cup of warm tea are also easy measures that are quite effective. You also have to pay attention to regular exercise, so that the muscles are dilated, walking and breathing exercises are good choices. Check whether you are pregnant or not in seconds - Use Pregnancy Due Date Calculator now. However, be aware of heat-related measures, such as warming up, or relaxing in a hot tub, which may be beneficial for people with menstrual cramps. For women during pregnancy, this is not a good thing at all. During pregnancy, regular cramping and no signs of mitigation are one of the manifestations of danger, as are symptoms of cramps before the period. If the appearance of persistent pain, or worse, bleeding in the pelvis, you must immediately seek medical attention and see your doctor.

Take Away: Period Cramps in Women

Any symptoms that occur even when you are in menstruation, or you are pregnant are important. Regular observations by visiting a Gynaecologist are the basis for how you can respond to changes in your body promptly, positively, and negatively way. Try to supplement yourself with lots of information. With girls, fixing their problems with cramps before the period is quite difficult, dealing with cramps during pregnancy is much more difficult. Do not ignore any advice, and any useful information, it is necessary in the event of an emergency for you and your friends.