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BMI Calculator India

Is BMI a True Indicator of your Health? (BMI Calculator India)

BMI Calculator India – BMI which means Body Mass Index is one of the most popular ways to determine the health of the body. Since years, individuals in different age groups focus on the BMI to rate their fitness levels and the condition of their health. This lead to various discussions and researches on whether it is an accurate indicator of your health or not.

In simpler terms, It is the ratio of the weight and height of an individual. If the value is higher than the ideal ones, then the person is considered to be fat. Many of the individuals take this in a negative way. In fact, BMI does not entirely let you know the actual health of the body. For example, if the value of the BMI is a bit higher in an individual and he is healthy then it is a good point. You see that BMI does not precisely inform the health status of the health. Just one should always make sure that the weight of the body should be in mutual relation with the height. Are you using BMI Calculator in India? If yes, you want to know about, Is BMI a True Indicator of your Health?

Famous “BMI Calculator India” For Health Indicator

BMI Calculator India

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Reasons which show that BMI is not an Accurate Indicator of your Health –

#1. Physiologically Not Fulfilling

Let’s take a case of a person who has higher bone density than his counterparts. So, the weight will also be automatically more in this person. BMI values will not work in such cases. The proportion of the bone and muscle are different than the typical cases that are considered.

#2. Decimal Defines It

BMI value ranges in three different categories. Therefore, the values are in numeric forms. Also, the decimals in the values usually make the BMI value turn into a negative format. The cardiologist can tell you if this harmful for your health or not in the long term.

#3. Low Self-Esteem

Most of the individuals have low self-esteem. There are various factors in today’s time which determine the self-esteem levels in different individuals. Physical appearance is one of the factors which determine this. If a person with usually low self-esteem comes to know the BMI value and realises that it is high, then the confidence of the individual reduces further. Whereas in reality, the person is fit and fine. Therefore, its value gets underestimated in such cases. The best part is to get an overall checkup done from a physician and later a cardiologist. This will help one to stay confident and avoid reaching any unnecessary conclusions regarding his health.

#4. Several Other Factors Involved

BMI alone will not be able to determine the condition of the patient. Several factors like genetic links, hereditary disorders, lifestyle, and stress also play important roles in determining the health of an individual. Therefore, depending on it just with few values does not help an individual to know his real health status. You can ask and discuss with your cardiologist regarding such factors. It will ensure prevention of any major health disorders in the later years of life.

Thus, BMI alone cannot lead to the conclusion or be the sole decision maker for any individual’s health status.

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