Brain retraining program: first aid to the emotional brain

Brain retraining program will improve the functioning of the limbic system. You will receive a series of recommendations, applying which you will see how your mood will change for the better.

Brain retraining program: first aid to the emotional brain
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It's time to find out what actions will improve the functioning of the limbic system. You will receive a series of recommendations, applying which you will see how your mood will change for the better.

Exterminate "harmful insects"

When the deep limbic system is hyperactive, the filters of our consciousness are in "negative" mode. For those who are depressed, thoughts constantly come into their heads, one after another, from which the mood deteriorates even more. Despondency and fatalism arise from negative spontaneous thoughts: "I already know that I will not find a job to my liking." Such thought-prophecies tend to come true. If a person has convinced himself that he will not find a job suitable for him, then most likely he will not make an  effort to find such a job, and therefore he will be left with nothing. If you want to give first aid to the emotional brain, you are welcome to use Gupta's program. "Insula and Amygdala Retraining" is an advanced "brain retraining" program that reawakens the body's natural ability to heal itself. Did you know that every thought that comes to your mind sends an electrical impulse to your brain? Thoughts, in fact, have physical properties. They have a powerful effect on every cell in your body. When your mind is burdened with a lot of negative thoughts, it is bad for the state of the deep limbic system and leads to related disorders, which are manifested by irritability, bad mood, depression, etc.  Negative thoughts are harmful insects that need to be disposed of. One of the most effective ways to kill insects is to learn to control your own thoughts. Whenever you notice that an "insect" is trying to get into your mind, learn to recognize it. Determine why this "insect" appeared, and what reasons contributed to this. Record these thoughts. By correcting automatic negative thoughts and arguing with them, you will deprive them of their power over you and learn how to control your own mood. 

Surround yourself with positive people 

Have you ever tried to pick up an object on which a huge number of insects are crawling? In a matter of seconds, they crawl on you, and now you are frantically trying to shake them off, get rid of them. The same thing happens with long-term communication with negative-thinking personalities. You enter the room in the most elated mood, but very soon their "insects" crawl towards you. And now, there is no trace of your good mood.

Familiar situation?

What kind of people are around you? Do they believe in you? Do you feel good in their company? Or do they constantly humiliate you and shatter your thoughts, hopes, and dreams? Associating with people who believe that you are worthless will undermine your determination to achieve your goals.  Surround yourself with those who believe in you, sincerely, truly, those who increase your self-esteem, and those who help you become better. Surrounded by such people, you will achieve goals that you never even dreamed of.

Learn to communicate to strengthen limbic connections

Strengthening emotional bonds between people has been proven to help fight disorders in the deep limbic system. Take responsibility for keeping the relationship active. Don't be the person who puts all the blame for relationship problems on your partner or friends. Take responsibility for how your relationship develops and see how you can improve it. Never allow yourself to take relationships for granted. In order for them to remain special, they must be constantly nourished. Remember that any emotion lasts 12 minutes, and if during this time you cannot find the answer to the question: "Why do I love this person?,the relationship needs to be reviewed seriously, is it still worthwhile? Take care of your relationships. The surest way to destroy them is to humiliate and ignore the desires of your vis-a-vis. Relationships can be strengthened by uplifting your partner. In a relationship, it's very easy to pay attention to things you don't like. But when you pay more attention to the positive that exists in your relationship, then your partner will more often behave in the way that you like. Also Read: Gut bacteria: how they affect our brain and mood.

Surround yourself with pleasant scents

The deep limbic system is the part of the brain that is directly related to the sense of smell. That is why perfumes and scented soaps are so attractive, and unpleasant body odors, on the contrary, are repulsive. Due to the fact that smells activate neural connections in the deep limbic system, they help to better remember some events, thereby giving a person more complete access to the past. Pleasant aromas are akin to anti-inflammatory drugs. By surrounding yourself with flowers and pleasant smells, you are doing a good job of helping your own brain. Whenever you remember an event, your brain releases substances that are similar to those that were released at the time that event occurred and imprinted in your memory. Therefore, memories bring you back to the previous state and sensations. To compensate for painful memories and calm the deep limbic system, you need to remember the pleasant. Make a list of the ten happiest events in your life. Describe them to yourself in great detail, using all five senses in the description. What colors do you remember? What scents were in the air then? Was there music? Try to bring this picture to life. Such memories can relax the limbic system, help you focus on the positive, and fill your mind with the right thoughts.

Let's make a small summary:

  • The limbic system is one of the most important parts of the brain.
  • Its improper functioning has a significant impact on human life.
  • So, it is important to control your thoughts, surround yourself with the right people, and protect existing relationships. And, if we love to remember the past, then only good memories are allowed.
Work on yourself, change your brain, and change your life for the better!