Can astrology and health be connected?

Studies suggest astrology and medicine were closely related as early as 17th century. Today, what we might view as superstition or mockery, was ealier an acceptable practice. The following saying by Hippocrates says it all:

A physician without the knowledge of astrology cannot rightly call himself a physician.

Till the 17th century, astrology and medicine were interrelated. Great thinkers such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, Paracelsus and Galen spend their lives investigating the relationship between the two. Ptolemy, a Greek philosopher and astronomer, wrote a set of four books on astrology in which he mentioned the influence of astrology on health and disease. He also described an astrological chart which showed the relationship between the organs, glands and parts of human body in relation with the position of planets, houses and stars.

When did all that change?

With Newton’s Law of ‘Mechanical’ Physics’ which outlined that anything that is not tangible falls outside the realm of operational reality, the focus from astrology changed. Change of thought processes, and scientific focus changed. These are speculated to be reasons why medicine slowly parted ways with astrology. Post the popularization of mechanical physics, the field of medicine understood the human body more as a machine that needed repair. The argument still remains that among all the other elements of human beings, our thoughts and feelings also form a vital component in keeping us healthy.

Are emotions related to your health?

The recent interest in Quantum Physics has opened up a whole new paradigm of looking at the universe. Quantum physics considers the universe from a holistic point of view – physical + ‘immaterial’ aspects of reality. It says the various aspects of human beings lives such as relationships, lifestyle, environment, thoughts, food and life events all play an integral role in shaping their health. Getting a cue on any of these aspects of an individual’s life may also help to understand the health state of the person.

This is not something new. Indian system of medicine such as Ayurveda also had its roots in these aspects which related each of our gland and organ with a particular emotion and illness. For example, some people in bad relationships also experience health issues. They may show signs of depression. Or, people who have angry and dominating disposition experience high blood pressure and cardiac problems.



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