We have known the range of ill health effects that junk food can cause. Junk foods as we call them are processed foods or fast foods that are highly rich in four categories of ingredients: Caffeine, salt, sugar, and saturated fat. All these four categories have become very routine in our diets in one forms or the other without realising that they are the main culprits behind so many lifestyle-related disorders and obesity.

Research has shown that junk food is also responsible for the weakening of bones and causing various bones related side effects like osteoporosis. We take a look at the foods that cause maximum damage:

  • Foods Rich in Sodium:

sodium rich food

Or as we call them, high salt foods. These foods while adding to increased cardiovascular risk, also lead to loss of calcium excretion through the kidneys. And this is one habit that can be easily changed: just add other spices and herbs to add more flavor and prefer to have healthy snacks than junk food for your food binges.

A good suggestion is to restrict sodium intake to between 1200-1500 milligrams per day.

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  • Sugary Snacks:

sugary snacks
To those who can binge eat on desserts, a kind reminder to set your daily intake limits of sugar-rich products. Excessive intake of sugar and sugary products interferes with calcium absorption and may also lead to depletion of phosphorus, another mineral that is essential for the absorption of calcium. It is always food to find alternatives to those sugary desserts; frits really come handy to meet your cravings for sugar. These foods don’t interfere with calcium absorption.

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  • Cola:

It has always been on the danger list of any health guide and reasons are abundant. Daily consumption of colas can lead to significant reduction in bone mineral density and an increase in the risk of fracture. These sweetened carbonated drinks impact proper calcium absorption due to their high sugar content and presence of phosphoric acid, both of which impeded intestinal calcium absorption.

  • Food Rich in Caffeine:

Caffeine has always been a controversial molecule, contributing to health hazards in many different ways. It has been known to leach calcium from bones, thereby leading to weakened bones. Adding sugar synergies its devastating effects on calcium, and negatively impacts bone health. Prefer to switch or decaf coffee as a better health alternative.

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