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erectile dysfunction

Major Reasons For Which You Can Have Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, the name itself is the cause of distress for the researchers these days. The entire world and the entire men’s society are disturbed from the ailment and that …

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Chiropractic Treatment after accident

Is Chiropractic Treatment a Necessity After an Car Accident?

Chiropractors are specialists to treat pain by making adjustments in the spine. The founder of this incredible drugless therapy believed that the spine is the core of all body parts. …

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Camomile tea

Positive Effects Camomile Tea Can Have on Your Body

Just like other herbal teas, camomile tea is a soothing tea. It’s beneficial to the human body and it’s healthy. It comes from the camomile flower and dried to make …

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Unknown Dangers of Your Very Common “Whiplash”

Whiplash cases are most often reported in a car accident. Even the most minor accidents tend to cause a painful whiplash. Over the years, the whiplash chiropractors in Conyers have …

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Does Whiplash Affect Your Sleep? Wave Whiplash and Sleeping Problems Goodbye!

Whiplash is recognized one way or the other everywhere across the globe. As soon as we think of whiplash we think of neck pain and the dread that comes with …

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protein powder

Facts You Need to Know Before Purchasing Protein Powder

In 2019 a report was released by Statista on the market share gained by protein supplements in Australia. The study revealed that more than 66% of the Australian respondents’ last …

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healthcare trend in 2020

Smartphones and Wearables Driving Latest Health Trends in 2020

Constant technological innovations have now enabled us to monitor our daily activity, heart rate and sugar levels among other vital parameters in real-time. Thanks to smartphone health applications and wearables …

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recovery after car accident

8 Tips For a Speedy Recovery After a Car Accident

Getting back on your feet after an injury takes it’s due time as well as proper care. This holds especially true in the case of a car accident. Because of …

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visiting a chiropractor

Reasons Why Visiting a Chiropractor Might Be Worth Your Time And Money

Unless there has been a spinal injury or recommended by a general physician, many people don’t consider the concept of visiting a chiropractor. Many car accident chiropractors in Lithia Springs have recommended …

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back pain

Understanding Back Pain: Causes and Preventive Measures

Back pain is often something that everyone has complained about at some point in their life. It is a frequent cause for employees to take leave from work, and something …

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Chronic abdominal pain

Chronic Abdominal Pain – A Cause Much More Than Digestion Issues

Chronic Abdominal pain is referred to as a pain in the stomach and the lower areas – below the ribs and above the pelvis to be exact. Every person has …

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spinal decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy For Sciatica Pain

Although physical therapy is quite different from chiropractic treatment, people often find it hard to distinguish between the two, mainly because both are entirely non-invasive and physical. But looking deeper, …

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keto diet

What is a Keto Diet And How Does It Work

Fresh n’ Lean is thrilled to announce the launch of our Ketogenic Meal Plan. We’ve taken the hassle out of following a keto diet. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about …

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Health Insurance

The List of Services for the Mandatory Medical Insurance Policy for 2020

The compulsory medical insurance policy entitles its owners to receive several medical services in the country and abroad for free. Every year, the list of procedures and the requirements of …

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chair massage therapy

Why Are Companies Focusing More on Employee Wellness?

More and more companies are taking up wellness programs for their employees to create a healthy and happy workforce capable of delivering more. When people come to the office to …

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facing ear problem

Facing Ear Problems? Contact ENT Specialist For ENT Disorder Treatment

Most of us storm into the doctor’s chamber the moment we have fever, skin issues, other cuts, and wounds! It is surprising that we usually don’t refer to the doctor …

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Cortisol level test

Cortisol Level Test – Understanding The Science

The cortisol level test is a medical laboratory test performed to identify the levels of cortisol hormone in human saliva, urine or blood. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects …

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detoxifying body

Fantastic Ways To Detoxify Your Body

You might be thinking that you don’t need to actively detoxify your body. However, what you should know is that you run into various toxins every day. These slowly eat …

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Tips for heart patient

7 Tips to Live a Long Healthy Life For Heart Patients

Most people have a perception that cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases are non-curable and synonymous with aging. If you have such a mindset, then trust me, you will …

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Best CBD Oils For Anxiety And Depression

As more people shun pharmaceutical medicine for anxiety and depression, we are witnessing a growing interest in alternative remedies such as CBD oil. But even as cannabidiol becomes a household …

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