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Ears, Nose and Throat

This section consists health articles on Ears, Nose and Throat – covering all common and uncommon disorders. Click here to view top ENT experts in India.

Understanding Nasal Mucus

Understanding nasal mucus

Mucus is a healthy protective sticky gelatinous material that covers your lungs, throat, mouth, nose, and sinuses. It is very annoying when you fall ill; however it is one of the protective mechanisms of the body and is needed to keep it healthy. It is produced by mucous membranes of …

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Dr. Atul Mittal – Treatment of Sleeping & Breathing Disorders

dr atul mittal

Dr. Atul Mittal, Director ENT, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, speaks about the comprehensive Sleep programme at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon treating sleep and breathing disorders. He elaborates on symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatment of common ear problems (like ear discharge), nasal and airway problems (like deviated nasal septum, sinus disease). …

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Hearing Aids FAQ

blood in urine

What are hearing aids? Hearing aids are small electronic devices that can be worn in or behind the ear in order to improve hearing. Hearings aids are commonly used by people with hearing loss which might have occurred due to any one of these three causes: Disease Injury Aging Hearing …

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Cochlear Implants FAQ

ent doctor

What are Cochlear Implants?  An electronic hearing device that stimulates nerves inside the inner ear electrically and is fixed as well as designed in such a way that it can produce convenient hearing sensations to a person with severe deafness. This electronic device is called a cochlear implant. The cochlear …

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Dr. Sumit Mrig – Treatment of Deafness in Children, Adults & the Elderly

dr sumit mrig

Dr. Sumit Mrig, Senior Consultant – ENT & Cochlear Implant Surgeon, Primus Hospital talks in detail about Audiology department and cochlear implant program in Primus Hospital for treatment of deafness in young children, adults and elder people, and his experience in cochlear implants, with more than 140 successful cochlear implants, …

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Dr. Shikha Sharma – ENT surgeries

dr shikha sharma

Dr. Shikha Sharma, Senior Consultant, – ENT, Primus super speciality Hospital, New Delhi talks about different types of ENT surgeries, such as, ear surgeries, endoscopic sinus surgeries and cochlear implant surgeries. Visit the online clinic. Read more on our blog. Facebook & Twitter

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Dr. Dhirendra Singh – Endoscopic surgeries

dr dhirendra singh

Dr. Dhirendra Singh, ENT Specialist, Rockland Hospital talks about his experience in endoscopic surgeries, especially FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) and cochlear implant surgery. Visit the online clinic. Read more on our blog. Facebook & Twitter

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Dr. Ashish Vashishth – Common Ear & Nose Diseases

dr ashish vashishth

Dr. Ashish Vashishth, Consultant ENT and Head & Neck Surgery, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon talks about diseases of ear, including ear infections, hearing loss, vertigo etc. He also elaborates on the surgeries for diseases of nose, such as nasal polyps, tumors and sinusitis. Read more on our blog or visit …

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Throat infection: Treatment and Prevention

Lung Cancer Symptoms

What is a throat infection? Throat, also known as pharynx, is the tube that transports food to the oesophagus and air to the larynx (or the voice box). Throat infection refers to an infection in the pharynx, experienced as pain, irritation and discomfort, especially while swallowing. A commonly used generic …

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Dizzy? Could be Vertigo


What is vertigo? Vertigo refers to a feeling of spinning, rocking or rotating, while otherwise being completely still. It is experienced in form of a sensation of the world moving around a person. It may develop suddenly and last for a short while, or may remain continuous in more severe …

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When to see an ENT Doctor?

ent doctor

An ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist is a doctor who is trained in providing medical and surgical treatment for ailments of the ears, nose, throat and related structures like the neck and head. An ENT doctor carries the expertise of diagnosis and treatment in the following seven areas: Otology …

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Sinus Headache: All you need to know


What is a sinus headache? A sinus headache is a type of headache that accompanies sinusitis. It can be felt in the form of a deep, throbbing pain sensation in the face and front of the head. The pressure in the face is localized around the forehead, eyes and cheeks. …

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Sinus Infection: signs, symptoms & more

sinus infection

What is a sinus infection? Sinuses are the hollow spaces within the bones that surround the nose, producing mucous that drains into the nose. Sinus infection or sinusitis refers to the inflammation and pain of the nasal passage and sinuses. Different forms of sinusitis include: Acute sinusitis – An acute …

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How do I treat common cold & cough?

What is a common cold? Almost everyone has undergone a bout of common cold. It is a viral infection that affects the nose, throat and sinuses, and is mainly manifested in form of sneezing, runny or blocked nose, sore throat and cough. Common cold lasts for about a week in …

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Dr. K. K. Handa – Advancements in ENT Department

k k handa

Watch Dr. K. K. Handa, the Director at the department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery in Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon talk about the structure of the audiology department, speech therapy and voice therapy services. His department at Medanta is major one in laser surgeries of Voice box, Cochlear Implants, …

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Throat Infection a.k.a Croup


Croup: Prevention and cure Croup is respiratory infection that leads to swelling inside the throat. This condition results in the inflammation of the airways; the windpipe and the voice box. Croup obstructs breathing and results in a characteristic barking cough. The most common cause of croup is a viral infection. …

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Dr. V. K. Mittal – Common ENT Diseases, Prevention Methods

Dr. V. K. Mittal an ENT Surgeon, Sarvodaya Hospital, Kavi Nagar Indl. Area, Ghaziabad, talks about various disorders of ENT, such as, hearing loss, ear wax, sore throat, sinusitis, nasal septum deviation, persistent nasal congestion, trend of ENT diseases.  Read more health articles. Facebook & Twitter

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Esophageal Cancer: Signs, symptoms & more


Esophagus is a long hollow muscular tube that connects throat and stomach. It is an important part of human digestive system and plays a role in pushing the swallowed food down to the stomach. What is Esophageal Cancer? Esophageal cancer is the cancer of the cells lining the inside of …

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