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Top 7 Tips to Reduce Stress While Learning

Stress Free

Students deal with stress regularly. The most common stressors among college students include the transition to becoming adults and the pressure to meet their personal and academic obligations. Stress and …

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Most Popular Medical Care Options for Students

Most Popular Medical Care Options for Students

The ratification of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or commonly known as Obamacare in 2010, made millions of Americas get access to reasonable health cover. The political environment has since …

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7 Natural Ways to Sleep Better for Healthy Lifestyle

sleep better

This year has been like no other. Stress levels have risen for everyone, schedules have drastically changed, and our day-to-day lives have completely changed. Despite spending more time than ever …

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Sleep Problems: How to Improve Without Medication in 8 Easy Ways

Better Sleep for healthy body and skin

There are many benefits of getting adequate sleep, like improving heart health, mood, memory, and weight management. You are missing a lot when you only get less than six hours …

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5 Important Ways Elderly Can Live a Healthy Lifestyle

pacemaker implantation - restrictions after pacemaker

As you get older, you’ll notice that you’re not as flexible, mobile, or agile as you once were. It can be difficult to adapt to your aging body, especially when …

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How to Build Muscles Without Harming Your Health

how to build a body muscle

If you want to build muscles, you should do it safely. Avoid quick fixes that can pose a threat to your health. This includes the use of steroids that often …

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Tips to Enhance Body Immunity

boost immune system

Would you like to look after your health, feel healthy, recover faster, and avoid illness? The innate defense system of our body, the immune system, helps us remain healthy by …

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How Can I Have a Healthy Lifestyle? (FAQs)

healthy lifestyle

1. What is lifestyle? Lifestyle is the way of life adopted by an individual, a group or a society. The word “lifestyle” was first coined by Alfred Adler who tried …

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Student Ideas: How To Reduce Stress in College

reduce stress in college

Stress and anxiety are a part of every person’s life. In many ways, stress is healthy since it keeps us alert. But, when stress turns into anxiety or pertains for …

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10 Easy Exercises for Office Workers

exercises for office workers

You may love your job and enjoy seeing the results of your hard work, but achieving them could also mean spending hours on your desk and staring into a computer …

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World Television Day: 5 Health Effects of Binge Watching

effects of binge watching, world television day, bad effects of television, effects of television

Raise your hand if you have spent entire weekends watching episodes of Games of Thrones, Friends or Sacred Games. Now use your raised hand to pause the ongoing serial and …

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10 Health Issues Most Men Ignore

health issues

Men are focused on being healthy only to the extent that their bodies appear fit and they have a toned physique. Most men, however, fail to notice alarming health issues …

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How Much Coffee is OK?


One of the most common beverages across the globe is coffee. It is the go-to drink when you are stressed, have a huge workload to put under the knife or …

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How to Keep Safe in This Deadly Smog

air pollution

Since a day after Diwali, the country is suffocating under a thick layer of smog. It’s been nearly two weeks since Diwali, and Delhi is still suffocating under a thick, …

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Massage Therapy Contributes to Healthy Living by Overcoming Pain, Stress, And Improving Immunity

massage therapy

Massage therapy that used to be an alternative method of treatment has now gone mainstream, as evident from its fast-growing popularity. Elderly citizens and disabled people benefit immensely from massage …

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Method To Correctly Wash Hands: Reducing The Risk Of Infection

hand washing Day

Global Handwashing Day was introduced to reduce child mortality rates around the world, it is celebrated as Global Handwashing Day to increase awareness about the importance of washing hands. Global …

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How Sleep Leads To A Healthy Body And Skin: 7 Amazing Truth

Better Sleep for healthy body and skin

The truth is that beauty sleep is not just for women but it is for everyone and beauty sleep is just an 8 hours sleep paired with healthy sleep habits. …

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5 Common Eating Habit Mistakes

bad eating habit

No matter how many healthy snacks you eat or how often you exercise, a lot of people end up making the same mistakes when it comes to eating healthily. Are your eating habits also coming in …

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Stress Buster Activities To Keep You Relaxed

stress buster, stress buster activities, best stress buster

Here is a question for you, “How do you deal with stress?” While you think about your answer, let us tell you that stress was labeled as the ‘Health Epidemic’ …

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5 Reasons To Give Up Diet Soda

Diet Soda

So you are a health enthusiast and very conscious of the calories you consume every day. That’s the primary reason you opt for diet soda instead of regular soft drinks. …

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