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erectile dysfunction

Major Reasons For Which You Can Have Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, the name itself is the cause of distress for the researchers these days. The entire world and the entire men’s society are disturbed from the ailment and that …

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Yoga for better sex, yoga asanas for better sex, best yoga poses for sex

#NotSoShy: Yoga for Better Sex – Make Your Sex Life Better

We are all aware of the benefits of yoga. It helps in different ways such as stress management, weight loss, improves digestion and so on. But do you know the …

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Vaginismus, Vaginismus treatment, Vaginismus meaning, Vaginismus Symptoms

#NotSoShy: Vaginismus – A Vaginal Disorder

Vaginismus! Sounds complicated? Let us make it simple for you. It is a condition in which the vaginal muscles contracts involuntarily or persistently during vaginal penetration. This could make sexual …

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How to use condoms for male - condom use male and female

#NotSoShy: How to Use Condoms For Male and Female?

It is essential to know the importance of how to use condoms for male and female for safe sexual activities. Before understanding how to use a condom for man as …

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what is nightfall & how to stop nightfall & nightfall meaning & nightfall treatment

#NotSoShy: Wetdreams – What is Nightfall & How to Stop Nightfall ?

It really doesn’t matter if you are living in America, Europe or Asia, some myths are universal that set the unprecedented repercussions for the society at large. Especially, if some …

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common STDs in men, signs and symptoms of STDs in men

#NotSoShy: 6 Common STDs in Men

When you think of sex, what comes to your mind? Well, depending upon your sexuality and/or experience, most definitely, you would think of the pleasure associated with sex. But sometimes, …

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depression and sex, depression and sex life

#NotSoShy: Depression And Sex – How Being Depressed Affected My Sex Life?

All of us have our down days. But it is worse for the people like us, who have a chronic illness, precisely, depression. Depression can largely affect all aspects of …

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benefits of sex

#NotSoShy: The Health Benefits of Sex

Yeah, sex is cool but do you know that it is even better for your health? Unlike plants that reproduce by pollination, human reproduction is exciting. Lovemaking is more than …

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STD prevention, condoms and STD prevention

#NotSoShy: STD Prevention – Practicing Safer Sex

Discussions about sexual health are most often sidelined or hushed. In spite of the need for awareness, chit-chats about sex are considered a big No-No. In our new blog article …

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Indian sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases symptoms

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in India

After malaria and tuberculosis, in India, sexually transmitted diseases are considered as the third most dangerous affliction in the country. Sexually transmitted diseases refer to a medical condition passed through …

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premature ejaculation causes, premature ejaculation treatment, home remedies for premature ejaculation

#NotSoShy: Premature Ejaculation Causes, Treatments, & Home Remedies

Unlike women, a man rarely has to fake an orgasm, especially a man suffering from premature ejaculation. If you or your partner has encountered this situation, you can understand the …

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common stds

#NotSoShy: STDs – More Common Than You Think

STD or sexually transmitted disease does not only refer to the wider known Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), but includes a host of other infections as well that range from being …

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Sexercise: Does Sex Burn Calories?

For those tired of hitting the gym every day and going through a strenuous exercise regimen using those machines, there’s an alternative – get busy in bed! Yes, sex can …

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Sexual Health, sexual health issues, Sexually transmitted infections, Sexual and Reproductive health

#NotSoShy: Know The Basics of Sexual And Reproductive Health

You must have listened to top Bollywood songs that promote sexual tension and objectify women. Do you feel a sense of embarrassment or shame due to such songs? Irrespective of …

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Emergency Contraceptive pills, Side effects of Contraceptive pills, Emergency Contraceptive pills in India

Pros & Cons Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Babies are a blessing, a miracle. But, there is a right time for their arrival. Planned babies double the happiness and when women don’t want to get pregnant, there are …

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8 Super Foods To Crush Estrogen Imbalance

8 Super Foods To Crush Estrogen Imbalance

Today’s stressful life, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise are affecting people’s healthy lifestyle. What you eat not only reflects your health, it also reflects your personality, and how …

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hiv symptoms in men - symptoms of hiv in men

HIV Symptoms in Men and Their Prevention

Have you ever had unprotected sexual intercourse? Do you think you might have caught HIV? Then you’ve come to the right place. We will discuss HIV symptoms in men and …

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masturbation effect on health - effects of masturbation on health

Masturbation Effect on Health – Pros & Cons

Masturbation is when one touches himself in the genitals in order to sexually arouse himself. It is done by both men and women, alone or with a partner. The general …

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First time Sex can cause pregnancy? Is it true?

First time sex can cause pregnancy? Is it true?

Tons of people wonder whether you can get pregnant at first time sex or not? The answer to this million-dollar question is YES! it is totally true! Yes, you read …

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