Inflammation is the body’s natural response to ridding itself of harmful cells and pathogens. It’s a protective measure taken by the body against initial damages suffered by the immune system. Inflammation can become so irritating and painful at times to the point that you seek treatment means to make it stop. Come CBD oil and its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits that the world has been raving about.

While inflammation is vital in helping the body heal itself, ongoing or chronic inflammation can be very unpleasant. In extreme cases, chronic inflammation can also cause a significant amount of pain and anxiety. It’s also been linked with cases of depression. Many people who have used CBD and its products to alleviate inflammation praise its effectiveness.


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How Effective is CBD for Inflammation?

Recent studies (although in its early stages) suggest that CBD exhibits one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory properties known to man. CBD can impact inflammation through its effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is an extensive psychological system in all mammals.

The endocannabinoid system plays a key role in major inflammatory processes. It makes it vital for maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system, nervous system, and many other tissues and organs.

The cannabinoid receptors in CBD play a huge role in alleviating inflammation. An inflammatory response activates the cannabinoid receptors. In the process, it helps to modulate inflammation and pain sensation.

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What Research Says About CBD for Inflammation

As arguably one of CBD’s most exciting health benefits, its anti-inflammatory benefits make it the best alternative to other vitamins C and Omega-3. So far, there have been several studies and evidence that most compounds within cannabis help to reduce inflammation. And of them all, CBD is still the most effective. It makes CBD the best anti-inflammatory option, especially for those dealing with chronic inflammation.

Types of Inflammation

The two types of inflammation are acute and chronic.

●     Acute inflammation

It is an uncomfortable type of inflammation, but that’s a good thing. Also, it doesn’t always linger for too long. This kind of inflammation occurs due to the body’s initial defense against any harmful or foreign element. Acute inflammation can sometimes be quite painful, cause redness, heat, and swelling. However, it’s always a sign that your immune system is functioning healthily.

●     Chronic inflammation

It is the inflammation that most people often seek treatment for. CBD plays a huge role in alleviating chronic inflammation caused by other medical conditions such as lupus, arthritis, IBS, or Crohn’s disease. Chronic inflammation can cause your immune system to continually fight the perceived internal threat, even if the inflammation itself isn’t necessary for its healing.

Using CBD from Love CBD UK as an anti-inflammatory prescription is one of the newest and most effective approaches for chronic inflammation or any other pain associated with it. It makes CBD an effective tool for inflammation and other painful areas of the body.

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Which CBD Forms Are Best for Inflammation?

Here’s an overview of the some of the best CBD forms to use for your inflammation:

1.   Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil is the most widely used form of CBD that most people use. CBD oil and tinctures allow for simple but effective dosing. It also has a very long shelf-life. It makes it even easier for naturopaths and herbalists to exploit its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Another benefit of using CBD oils and tinctures is that users can measure it in doses administered by a dropper under the tongue. It ensures a fast onset of effects. You can also swallow CBD in this form to enjoy its much slower effects.

2.   Edibles

These may include gummies, cookies, and even cooking oils. CBD edibles act as another excellent form of introducing the cannabinoid into the system. Most CBD edibles taste great and appealing to the eye without compromising on their potency. However, eating too many edibles within a short span can have negative effects since it’s always difficult to gauge their strengths. It makes them a much better option for sports treatment.


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3.   Capsules

CBD capsules are great for providing a more standardized form of consuming CBD. It also makes them a popular option, especially for users who don’t always want to deal with guesswork when dosing. CBD capsules are also very easy to consume and a perfect form to take on the go.

4.   E-Liquids & Vape Oils

It is a much costlier option, especially for first-time users. You will need to buy a vaporizer and e-liquid to take CBD in this form. However, vaping CBD is perhaps one of the most effective methods of administering CBD into the system. The bioavailability of taking CBD through the lung is much higher than when taking it through the digestive system.

It makes it an ideal option for people with lung inflammation. However, it may not be the best intake method for users with health conditions such as asthma.

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The Bottom Line

CBD’s potential to alleviate and treat inflammation makes it the wonder drug that most people have been waiting for. Besides being the best alternative to other anti-inflammatory alternatives, CBD is also a natural, safe, and non-addictive product. Plus, there is an already large body of scientific evidence that supports this claim. From what we’ve gathered, CBD is the perfect anti-inflammatory substance that we have now. And it works!


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