Mom #1

Well, pregnancy it was a really nice period for me… but after becoming a mom I don’t have words… he is something like morning raga to me every time I hold him I kiss him I feel so good! I just love him and certainly I’m very much positive – I smile too much, I sing songs, I think everything that I feel will make my baby happy, that’s a positive attitude a developed – Durey Shahwar

Mom #2

Pregnancy bought a complete transformation in my life. It was a life within my life. Wow. I did not have any morning sickness nor any other prob during this journey so I was having a happy life with my life in my womb. Pregnancy made me a stronger person. Helped to realise wat bringing up life means. Made me realise what my mum n all other mums go through while bringing up a child. And now I’m very happy and proud of my Buchu boy. He is God’s gift to us. Unexpected but truly a bundle of joy of our lives – Jasmine D’souza

Mom #3

Pregnancy is a good gift. After I had my baby, life changed completely. Now you don’t have time for yourself. We don’t sleep the whole night but after all these efforts, when we see our baby smile, we forget all our troubles. A baby is a symbol of the husband and wife’s love. After my son came in our life, our love is increasing day by day. I kiss him, I sing songs for him, I talk to him. Seriously motherhood is a speechless feeling. I can’t define it in words. It’s a feeling like heaven – Pooja Sumit Kant

Mom #4

Being women is not an easy thing but yet … Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life and at the end of the phase it brings along another beautiful journey. Having a baby in your arms make you realize how powerful love can be. He has made a strong person out of me. Looking at him makes me feel beautiful. Whenever I am about to go weak or about to fall down … He brings me up! On the first few hours of having him around me I was in tears missing my mom…and my husband said “you must have been sent by your nani to take care of your maa”. Till today I have never felt alone…I know he is there – Sargam Sharma

Mom #5

Pregnancy to me, like to most other mommies, has been a bliss..It changed my life completely and surely for the best! It helped me understand the strengths I possess as a woman and as a mother..the strength to be able to give birth to a life..the strength to be able to love your child unconditionally even before you see them..the strength to nurture and sacrifice but yet feel content and satisfied..however, one positive change that my little baby brought into my life is the strength of patience. For before he arrived I patiently waited for 9 months to meet him and hold him in my arms and after he arrived he taught me that every phase of motherhood brought with it a huge degree of patience which I never knew I had..or rather didn’t know whether I could build it. But when I see his innocent face and his breathtaking smile, it just renews my patience every single moment and that is something which I will owe to him all my life! So thank you my darling son for teaching me the strength of patience. I received the joy and honour of motherhood because of you. I love you and I’m very proud of you. – Christine Khushi Pradeep Thakur

Mom #6

It made me more mature and responsible, first I used to live for myself now whenever some mishap happens unlike recent earthquake in Nepal…my concern is how can I keep him safe and confident…my son in a way taught me what love is and my importance in this world … I want to write more but in short of words as we all know an unconditional love can never be explained ….- Raksha Dahal

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