Sunday , March 26 2023
cell therapy for cancer

Cell Therapy and Cancer – A New Frontier? 

Most of us don’t like to mention the C-word. Cancer is a hideous disease that, even though it’s more treatable now than ever, still fills us with dread. However, medical professionals and scientists are working hard to develop newer and more effective treatments to combat different types of cancer.  So, what is the latest weapon in the anti-cancer arsenal? It could be stem cell treatments or Cell therapy, and here’s why. 

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Stem Cell Treatments and Cancer – Is It Working? 

There are countless different types of cancer, and the treatment for each will depend on the individual, the type of cancer, and its progression throughout the body. 

The way the cancer ravages a patient can create serious health issues in itself, as can the aggressive treatments used to handle cancer. Surgery is usually the best and most permanent option, but strengthening the body and the area around the tumor can make the difference between the body fighting off cancer – or not. 

This is where stem cell treatments come in. Healthy cell grafts help to improve the therapeutic effect of other treatments, like chemotherapy, by helping to prevent damage done to the surrounding tissues. 

Stem Cell Treatments – Pros and Cons 

As with any medical treatment, stem cell treatments come along with pros and cons. For example, chemotherapy has the cons of bringing serious side effects as well as negatively impacting healthy tissues as well as cancerous ones, but it has the pro of being genuinely effective when it comes to shrinking tumors. 

So, what are the pros and cons of stem cell treatments? Let’s take a look. 

Pros of Stem Cell Treatments

  • Using stem cells reduces the risk of rejection by the body. 

Since stem cells are an organic product, there’s less chance of the patient’s body rejecting the cells. 

  • Cell therapy could ultimately provide the key to curing currently untreatable diseases. 

Currently, untreatable cancers and immune disorders could one day be treated and cured by stem cell grafts. 

  • Researching cell therapy helps us understand more about cells, which are the building blocks of human life. 

To illustrate how much more we have to learn about cells, we once believed (not so long ago) that cells were simple organisms, when in fact they are incredibly complex!

  • Stem cell treatments could stop mutations, birth defects, and more before they even happen. 

Once we understand how cell therapy truly works, we could begin to use it as a preventative measure, not just a cure. 

Cons of Stem Cell Treatments

  • Stem cell treatments are still a new technology, and we have plenty more to learn about it. 
  • The long-term side effects of cell therapy aren’t known. 
  • There is a health risk in collecting and donating stem cells, especially for the donor. 
  • Stem cell treatments are expensive. 

The Bottom Line

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