Cirrhosis of the liver, also known as hepatic cirrhosis, is a condition in which the liver starts forming scar tissues as a result of some liver diseases and conditions, such as hepatitis and chronic alcoholism. This is an irreversible and late stage of scarring of the liver. The doctor can not treat the damaged part, but they can help in protecting the remaining healthy tissues. In this post, we will be addressing the liver cirrhosis symptoms and liver cirrhosis treatment.

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What Is Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Generally, whenever the liver damage starts because of excess consumption of alcoholic products or any other reason, it tries to repair itself. During this process, it starts producing some scar tissues. You must be wondering how does it harm the liver. Well, the scar tissues make it very difficult for the liver to function.

The liver performs many important functions for the human body. Here are some functions of Liver Cirrhosis:

  • Forming blood proteins
  • Depositing excess nutrients
  • Manufacturing bile
  • Storing sugar
  • Breaking down saturated fat and producing cholesterol

The scar tissue on the liver reduces the capacity of the liver to perform the above functions. Now let us see some causes of liver cirrhosis.

Liver Cirrhosis Causes

There can be multiple reasons for cirrhosis of the liver. Mentioned below are some of the key reasons for this disorder:

  • Excessive consumption of liquor
  • Obesity
  • Hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Blockage of the bile duct
  • Glycogen storage diseases

Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms

The liver cirrhosis symptoms depend on the stage of the condition. At the initial stage, there may not be any specific symptoms. As the disease gets worse, you may have the following symptoms:

  • Mild fever
  • Itchy skin
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Bruises
  • Blood in the stool
  • Light-coloured stools
  • Brownish or orange colour to the urine
  • Swelling in the ankles, legs and abdomen

The symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver may vary from person to person. This could start from a swollen ankle or leg, and can lead to significant fluid retention in the abdomen. You can reduce fluid retention by lowering the salt intake and using the right combination of diuretics.

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

The Liver Cirrhosis Treatment depends on the stage of the condition. As we know that this condition can’t be undone. So the doctors aim at protecting the healthy tissues of the liver.

For effective outcomes, it is important to figure out and treat the actual cause of Cirrhosis of the liver. This will prevent any further damage to the liver. The clinicians will suggest a few key things to changes to adopt in your life:

  • Avoiding alcohol. The doctor may suggest specific treatment programs for addiction.
  • Weight loss, if the recipient is obese
  • Follow medications for hepatitis B or C.

The doctor may also suggest a few things to control the condition:

  • Low-sodium consumption
  • Medicines for blood pressure management
  • Antibiotics and vaccinations
  • Medications to lessen a buildup of toxins

Your doctor may suggest you go for regular testing to avoid the chances of developing liver cancer. If the cirrhosis is severe, the specialist may also recommend a liver transplant. For the liver transplant, you may have to wait for the right donor.

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Things to Know

If you are suffering from Cirrhosis of the liver, then please keep in mind that the damage that’s already been done can’t be reversed. The doctors will try to protect healthy tissues. The liver can work even if the two-thirds of it has been destroyed or removed. Hopefully, now you will be able to identify the liver cirrhosis symptoms. Monitor the changes in your body and if you have any symptom of liver cirrhosis, visit a specialist and go through the liver cirrhosis treatment, before it is too late.

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