It’s August and the sun is still shining. Thanks to climate change, the days are hotter than ever. So at such times, who wouldn’t like to enjoy momentarily with some ice cream or cold sundaes? We know who! The ones with tooth sensitivity. But before you set out to treat them, let’s know what are the causes of tooth sensitivity.

If you are a friend who denies sweets or cold beverages at parties because of your dental health, this article is for you.

Understanding the causes of tooth sensitivity is only the first step. Since you can fix the problems only after knowing what causes them. Read on to know:

The Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity To Heat And Cold

Poor oral hygiene may not be the only reason why you have dental problems. In this post, we will tell you the most common causes of sensitivity and how to deal with them.

1. Brushing your teeth forcefully – No, you do not start your day with a cup of coffee. You start your day by brushing your teeth (If you don’t, you should). And it may sound like the easiest task but brushing can go wrong too.

Brushing your teeth the wrong way (strenuously) may lead to tooth sensitivity. The protective layers on your teeth may erode over time if you brush too harshly or with hard bristles. This results in severe discomfort.

2. Post Dental procedures – One of the most basic causes of sensitivity to heat and cold is dental procedures. If you have had a root canal, be prepared to feel sensitivity in your teeth. This tooth sensitivity to cold is only temporary. But we strongly recommend visiting a dentist if the symptoms do not wear off.

3. Gum Diseases – All of your oral health is interrelated. If you do not care for your gums, your teeth will also have to pay the price. As a person gets old, receding gums or periodontitis becomes a very common problem. This gum problem further leads to tooth sensitivity, especially if you have poor oral hygiene.

4. Tooth-whitening toothpaste – Don’t fall for everything they say on the advertisements. We know how important it is for you to have shiny pearl-like teeth. But losing your teeth to whiteness is not recommendable.

Tooth-whitening pastes have chemicals to turn your teeth sheer white. Regular use of these kinds of toothpaste is among the prime causes of tooth sensitivity.

5. Grinding your teeth – Time for some biology lesson: Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body. But this strongest enamel may also rub away if you keep grinding your teeth.

Persistent grinding leads to the exposure of the middle layer of the teeth. This further exposes the hollow tubules that in turn expose the nerves. This entire process is among the top causes of tooth sensitivity to hot and cold.

6. Acidic foods and drinks – Acidic dietary products directly harm the enamel. The enamel eventually erodes because of the regular intake of these food items. This causes tooth sensitivity in people.

7. Cracked Teeth – A crack between your teeth is the biggest cause of sensitivity. This is because the chipped or cracked teeth may fill with plaque. Direct assistance by a dentist is suggested if there is a crack in the teeth.

8. Building up of Plaque – Plaque is a coat of bacteria that sticks on the teeth. The objective behind brushing every day is to not let plaque accumulate. But if you skip your dental care routine, excessive plaque gets collected inside your mouth.

The bacteria in this plaque coating cause enamel erosion. And thus cause tooth sensitivity.

9. Mouthwash – Using a mouthwash is good for your oral health but using over-the-counter mouthwash is not. These types of mouthwash contain alcohol and some other chemicals which expose the hollow tubules in the teeth. The exposure of these tubules leads to the revealing of nerves, which is one of the leading causes of tooth sensitivity to cold.

10. Decay around tooth fillings – With time the fillings in your mouth can weaken. They may end up leaking and thus make more space for acid to gather. This buildup of acid in the gaps around fillings causes the enamel to wear off. Hence it becomes one of the major causes of sensitivity.

Tips To Save Teeth From Sensitivity

Now that you know what are the causes of tooth sensitivity to heat and cold stimulus, it is time to treat them. A dentist is your go-to specialist regarding this health issue. But there are certain remedies that you can easily try at home to protect your teeth from sensitivity. Have a look below:

Change your toothpaste

The markets are flooded with cause-specific solutions for customers. So pick the toothpaste for sensitive teeth next time you are at a store.

Use a softer toothbrush

You can use a soft-bristled brush to help with tooth sensitivity. Also, do not use too much force while brushing.

Change your dietary habits

As you know that acidic foods and beverages are among the top causes of tooth sensitivity, you should avoid having those. Instead snack on something nutritious and healthy.


This step requires help from a dentist. A fluoride treatment strengthens the enamel on the teeth.

Have healthier oral habits

Some wise individual said that “You don’t have to brush your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” Also, flossing and regular checkups with your dentist are considered good oral hygiene practices. So follow them.

A Final Word

If you practice good oral habits, it will not only boost your confidence but also protect you from numerous conditions. The above post has been our attempt to inform you about the common causes of tooth sensitivity. We have also added a couple of remedies to help you deal with this problem.

However, if the problem continues, we recommend that you visit a specialist. Check the best dentist in your area using Credihealth.

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