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Consulting a Gyneacologist
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Pregnancy: 6 Common Problems

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases of womanhood. Where, one explores a new side,of themselves. But during pregnancy there are some changes which might be a bit annoying at times. Some of these problems include cramps, heartburn, urinary frequency (sensitive bladder) and incontinence, backache, constipation and haemorrhoids.

Fortunately some simple changes can often relieve your symptoms. Always contact your doctor if you have any concerns about these or any other health problems during your gynaecologist, before implementing them. If you don’t have a gynecologist, you can always look for the gynaecologists online. For instance, if you reside in Delhi, you can search for the best gynaecologist in Delhi and NCR. In addition, now you can also book online appointments from doctors.

Here are some tips, which you can try which might help you. But Since everyone’s body reacts differently, please consult your gynaecologist before trying them.

For Cramps

During Pregnancy, foot and leg cramps are common but are bothersome. These occur especially at night time. If your feet or legs get cramped up, put your legs straight on an alleviated position like mattress or a cushioned couch and try to pull your toes, back towards your knees. This will help in stretching the muscles in the calf and would relieve from the pain. After the pain eases, you can get some massage done in the area. One of the top gynecologist in Noida suggests “Do not use heat pack or hot bottle; they might make it more sensitive. Instead use warm water sprays or lukewarm tubs, to dip your feet in. it will slowly ease out the pain.”

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is another symptom which is common during pregnancy. Always eat light, and drink sufficient water. It is also beneficial to have lemon mixed with water if you are feeling sick.

Urinary frequency (sensitive bladder) and incontinence

Urinary frequency or sensitive bladder is when one needs to urinate frequently. This usually happens in the first 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy or in the last few days, before the delivery. Urinary frequency or sensitive bladder is normal in the days of pregnancy and there is really nothing that can be done to relieve it. Even if you have to take frequent visits to the washroom, it is necessary to take ample water, which is necessary to keep both you and your child hydrated.


During the days of pregnancy, one tends to pass a bit of urine when the laugh, cough or sit, etc. This syndrome is called incontinence and it generally occurs at a later stage of pregnancy. There are exercises which might help. Staking help from a physiotherapist to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through exercises and antenatal classe

Heartburn (Indigestion)

Indigestion or chest/heartburn is a common symptom during pregnancy. One can treat Indigestion, heartburn by antacids. It is advisable to take frequent but short meals, and avoid oily and spicy food. Try walking after the meals; it will help it digesting the food. Having a bowlful of yogurt might help. Same goes with constipation. One should take high fibre food, drinking plenty of water and having physilium husk is advisable. Avoid taking antibiotics, as they might impact the health of the child as well as the mother.


Backache and neck sprain is common during the later months of pregnancy. One tends to stay at a certain position for quite a long duration while sleeping or sitting, which might lead to backache or sprained neck.

Taking special care of you, during pregnancy is very important. Try not to be too excited and stay happy. After all it is a happy part of your life. If there are confusions regarding it, you can consult the doctors. But at times you have to make a decision, choose with your discretion. No one knows your body better than you.



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