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Common Reasons for Heart Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), commonly known as Heart Bypass Surgery, is a surgical procedure is carried out in cases where the artery blockage cannot be rectified by non-surgical procedures, namely coronary angioplasty. The decision to undertake this surgery is quite critical. Therefore, doctors take into consideration many factors including few discussed below:

1. Severe Blockage of Artery Passage

As a consequence of the deposits on the walls of the arteries, there is an acute shrinkage of the vital passage through which the blood is pumped into the heart. This prevents smooth functioning of heart which subsequently affects blood supply throughout the whole body. It leads to severe pain in the chest as there is a decreased oxygen supply and this state is termed as Angina.

2. Inadequate Supply of Oxygen

Due to the fat residues accumulating in the passage of coronary arteries, there is insufficient flow of blood into heart. The blood consists of oxygen which is extremely necessary for the entire human body and therefore its limited supply hinders smooth functioning of body.

3. Complete Obstruction of Coronary Arteries

The situation turns grave when there is a complete blockage of the artery passage and there is a minimal flow of blood to the heart. As a result the heart muscles began to perish which can result in myocardial infarction commonly called as heart attack.

4. Failed previous Angioplasty

In some cases, after coronary angioplasty has been performed and a stent has been placed to widen the artery, there is a recurrence of contraction and blood flow is again hampered. In such cases, performing heart bypass surgery remains the best option for the cure.

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Common Reasons for Heart Bypass Surgery
Common Reasons for Heart Bypass Surgery

5. Improper Functioning of Left Ventricle

Left ventricle is the foremost chamber responsible for the pumping of blood. Need for bypass surgery arises when this chamber is not performing the functions well.

6. Common symptoms acting as warning signs

  • An extreme heaviness or pain can be felt in the chest when there is a substantial blockage of the passage. This pain can be felt even while doing light physical exertion but after taking some rest this pain disappears temporarily. Other parts of the body such as arms, jaw, throat, upper back area around neck can also experience such pain or heaviness indicating warning signs.
  • In certain cases, a person may only be able to sense unusual fatigue or occasional tiredness even after a minor physical activity. Such symptoms should never be taken lightly and an immediate medical consultation is suggested.

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An experienced cardiologist after taking into consideration all the symptoms, may conduct a thorough physical examination besides recommending some blood tests. These may include some physical stress assessment tests or a CT scan. Cardiac catheterization is the most appropriate test to determine the severity of this ailment. It also reveals which arteries are damaged. It thus helps in deciding whether there is a need for coronary artery bypass surgery to be performed or not.

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