Coronavirus Myths and Facts: Aren’t you feeling like trapped in a house forever? The outbreak of coronavirus has shaken the world from inside. Our life was different three months ago, people were enjoying and roaming here and there. According to WHO, this is the time when we will have to be careful, maintain social distancing, and stay safe. The government is trying hard to keep people safe.As responsible citizens, we must help the needy people too. But before that stop the spreading of rumors. The misconception around coronavirus is more harmful than anything. Social media was created for the welfare of people. But nowadays, instead of news, rumors & myths are shared. WhatsApp has recorded the increase in the sharing of forwarded messages and has taken safety measures for that too.

Apart from using hand sanitizers and eating things that will improve your immune system, you should share the facts to bust the coronavirus myths revolving around. Here we are providing a few myth busters that might help you with it.

Coronavirus Myths And Facts

Myth: Gargling with saline water can save you from the virus.

Fact: Gargling with salt water can clear your throat. And can protect you against the mild health issues like a common cold. But it can’t save you from the novel coronavirus.

Myth: Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and herbal medicines are the cure for coronavirus.

Fact: There is no scientific proof that they will help in curing, it is purely a coronavirus myth. AYUSH, the famous Ayurveda company in India, said that it could help in the prevention of Coronavirus. It can be possible as there are chances as certain herbal medicines increase the immune system.

Myth: Antibiotics can kill the coronavirus.

Fact: Antibiotics are capable of killing bacteria’s, not viruses.

Myth: Dogs and Cats can spread the Coronavirus.

Fact: This thing can still be considered as a myth only, as there is no real proof of dogs and cats transmitting the virus. Scientists and professors are still debating on this issue. One of them said that there are low chances of them (pets) being the transmitter as the driver of the outbreak is human.

Myth: Face Masks protect you from Coronavirus.

Fact: Okay! It does. But only if you are following the instructions properly. Just putting on face masks won’t do the wonders. Many workers are seen touching their faces with hands even after wearing the mask, and if this is the case, then it won’t save you. Follow the preventive cures mentioned by WHO. Face masks help in spreading the virus, if used and disposed of properly.

Myth: COVID-19 is just another form of flu.

Fact: No doubt, it does have the same symptoms as the flu, but the SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a family of coronaviruses that caused SARS and MERS infections. Just like flu, it can also lead to pneumonia, which is more serious than flu and has a mortality rate between 1% to 3%.

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Myth: Alcohol kills Coronavirus.

Fact: A Coronavirus myth that needs to be busted. Why? As many people have believed this, and it has cost them their life. The fact is hand sanitizer with a 60% alcohol base can kill the viruses in hand and surfaces. That doesn’t mean it will kill the virus inside your body too. The direct consumption will only harm your body.

Myth: Eating Chinese food or receiving a parcel from China will cause coronavirus.

Fact: No, you cannot catch coronavirus by eating Chinese food. Many people are spreading rumors about it. It has nothing to do with food. The food is being prepared in your own house, city, or country. But it’s safe to stay away from junk food to avoid any health issues or anything that can weaken your immune system.

Scientists have studied the other viruses from the coronavirus family, even the one that caused SARS and MERS, and it showed that this virus couldn’t survive on letters and packages for a longer time.

Myth: Vaccines of Flu and Pneumonia protect from COVID-19.

Fact: The SARS-CoV-2 is a whole new and different virus, so any existing vaccine can’t protect you from COVID-19.

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Stay Safe. Stay Inside. And Stop Spreading Rumours:

These were the myths and misconceptions about the Coronavirus that were leading the people in the wrong direction. We almost answered all of them and provided you with the facts too. Before you experiment on anything, take the advice of a doctor or know about it in detail. And try to educate people about the same. During this outbreak, all we need is unity. Let’s unite together to stay inside and put a halt on the spreading of myths and untruths. Stay safe and healthy!

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