Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer for males between the ages of 15 and 35 and whilst it can be very aggressive, if you catch it early enough, treatment tends to be very effective. Here we talk a little about the best way to deal with when being told you have this form of cancer.

How You Feel

As with any type of cancer, being diagnosed positively will no doubt come as a shock to you. It is perfectly normal to feel frightened, confused and angry at the world. Your emotions will be going up and down and it is impossible to tell whether you will have a good day or a dreadful day. You will feel bouts of fatigue that appear out of nowhere and your self-esteem is likely to take a hammering. These are all common feelings that men with testicular cancer will experience and it is important to speak to your doctor about counselling as soon as possible.

Physical Issues

Testicular cancer will make you feel different and the treatment will also have a negative effect on your body. In particular, the scarring can make you change the way you feel about yourself and the pain is always a constant reminder that you have been through something very serious indeed. Lethargy sets in as a result of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and it can take some considerable time to recoup any amount of energy. Your sex life may also be affected in a negative way and the combination of these things is going to take its’ toll on your whole persona, not just the physical side.

Self Help

The main thing about dealing with testicular cancer is that you are not alone. Ironically, seeking help is the only real way to stand on your own two feet. Without the advice and assistance of those who have been through a similar episode, you will struggle to cope. It may be hard to allow the information to sink in at first but take your time and it will eventually make sense.
Ask your doctor to explain about the potential side-effects of your treatment so that you are able to manage them when they appear.

Sharing is Good

You might feel as if your family and friends would rather skirt around the topic of testicular cancer but that isn’t the case. By opening up to them, you can express yourself and you will find that they are more than happy to ease the heavy load. If you decide that you would rather not talk to them about your condition, this will add strain to the relationship and will not help anybody. But if you absolutely don’t want to share your concerns with your nearest and dearest, speak to your doctor who can recommend you to a support group.

Coping with testicular cancer is never going to be easy but we do hope that these tips can make it a little less difficult for you to cope with.

Author Bio:
Nominated as ‘Best Physiotherapy Consultant’ in Noida, Dr.Vidhi Jain has over 7 years of experience as a Physiotherapist.  She is currently practising at Vinayak Physiotherapy in Noida as HOD of the Physiotherapy Department. She also writes for Medlife International Private Limited, an online pharmacy store operating in India.

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