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delivery story
delivery story

10 CrediMoms Share Their #DeliveryStories

Hearing women’s stories of labor and birth can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique. It goes without a shadow of a doubt that, sometimes swift, sometimes scary, delivery is an unforgettable experience! Here, parents look back on the birth of their babies and share their memories of delivery day. Below are unedited stories submitted by Our Credi Moms.

#DeliveryStories By Our CrediMoms

Read these moms’ crazy birth stories of how they brought their little ones into this wild, wacky world.

#1. CrediMom: Smriti Sharma

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Hi all! My due date was on 26th Feb 2015. I went for a regular checkup on 12th Feb 2015, and that’s the time I got to know that my water level is very low. It was 2.5 (minimum should be 6) so therefore, I had to get operated within 2 days. I wasn’t mentally prepared for normal delivery as I was very much scared of injections and all. But, at that time there was no other thing in mind – but to just wanna meet my baby. Doc asked me to choose the date , so the day was 14 Feb. I went to the hospital, I was totally blank as I had never ever been admitted to the hospital prior to this. In the hospital, the first thing they did was that they gave me anesthesia and after I guess 10-15 mins I heard the doc saying congrats you gave birth a to a healthy baby, there’s towel on my face, they uncovered that and showed me my baby. It was the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life, as he looked at me with his eyes.

Delivery was a very beautiful journey and is still going on. Just love to be his mom, we share an amazing bond with each other.
P.S would be moms: There’s no pain bigger than the day of our baby born . Just go with the flow. Stay happy. Now I really miss that pregnancy time. It was amazing.

#2. CrediMom: Nidhi Sharma

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I was expecting my first baby. The due date was 26 June 2013. Was living with my most caring and loving family. On 23rd June, in the night suddenly I got the pain in lower abdomen. The pain was like increasing and decreasing in a continuous manner. Though it was my first experience I concluded it as my labour pain as I heard others’ experiences and went through many articles.And I was very right. In the morning around 5 am I went to the hospital with my husband, Mil(Mother-in-law) and Fil(Father-in-law). I thought within 2 to 3 hrs I would give gud news to them but…but…but…
Story continues…

I was in constant pain inside the room and my family was waiting outside. In that hospital, you were not allowed to meet ur family till the  arrival of the baby or any other serious  issue. It was unbearable for me now… the doctor was on round, came to me , checked and suggested for operation. I never thought of it because everything was normal. Sisters told me that baby pooped inside and to rescue the little one from any kind of infection and for my sake it was necessary. So the legal formalities were completed by me and my family. I was allowed to meet them before operation lying on the stretcher. That was the moment, I was scared for the first time as if I was seeing them for the last time. My mil was asking something I don’t remember. husband just looked at me and we talked with eyes that everything would be fine. Suddenly the wheel of my stretcher got loose or what …i don’t know….but i fell down with the mat as it was. I got minor injuries but Thank God, nothing happened major. There were so many staffs but the hand came first to help me out was of my love…my husband. Somehow I balanced myself with all his support. I was in trauma, not able to talk to doctors properly. Soon I  came into senses….started asking ‘is my baby ok?’  Through out the operation, I repeatedly asked this question only. It was 5:24 pm. I got my baby girl. She was all good. Sister brought her near to my face. She was all pink with a cute face. The best creation on the planet….Daughter.

#3. CrediMom: Deepti Abhishek Pandey

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Hello all. Mine was c-section. Due was on 14 nov and my water bag burst on 30 oct on Diwali (Hindu Festival). Rushed to the hospital at 5.30 but due to the holiday, no doctor was there as it was a small town. I never went through any pain. Went 50 kms far in another city and finally, the doctor came at 7.45 and delivered my cute doll at 8.31. No water was left so doctor opted for a c-section as there was no chance of a normal delivery. Around 10.30 nurse came with my sweetie and she was looking too cute in pink cloth. When i saw my doll i was in the seven sky Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 11.3. Thank you, god, for giving me my angel, my lifeline.  Red Heart on Apple iOS 11.3

#4. CrediMom: Ritika Garg

ritika garg

My birth story is a pretty crazy one. It was all planned as no signs of labour was there. We planned it on the auspicious day of “MahaShivrati” (Hindu Festival). A night before I was scared of surgery and crying. But, the morning was blissful. We went to temple & then reached the hospital. It was the time to get our lil bundle of joy to this beautiful world.

It was obviously scary for me to be on  OT table, a team of docs around me, a chilly room, big lights…besides all the fear I was happy & excited, talking to docs continuously. My eyes were covered, the body was numb, didnt know wat was happening just busy in talking with docs. Then suddenly i heard a baby cry and that was the heart throbing moment for me. I actually heard her, wat i was feeling inside me for 9 months! I saw her, I touched her for the first time, I was speechless just a tear in eye and smile on face. They took her away in seconds but that moment stopped there for me. And then my excitement was beyond my control. Smile, tears, extreme happiness. No one will believe that on OT table I started discussing my baby’s name with docs, her looonnnggg shopping list, every thing. I cudn’t resist myself.

But life isn’t easy the way we think. After 3 months of her birth, we came to know that my baby’s a special kid with a rare disorder “Osteogenesis Imperfecta”. But nothing could take away the charm of motherhood. Just always b happy, b positive, eat well, sleep well!!!
Rest god z there to serve us best.
Happy Motherhood!!! Red Heart on Apple iOS 11.3

#5. CrediMom: Harpinder Kaur

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Hello everyone. My due date was 7 Nov. But on 8 Oct in the night, I was not feeling well. I checked my blood pressure it was high again checked it was low, I drank Limca with salt to control BP. But suddenly in morning, I was bleeding just like periods. I rang my gynae at 6:30 am on 9 oct. She just asked me to visit the clinic for cesarean delivery. I was very scared about my baby as it was my first delivery after 6 years of marriage. We reached in the clinic at 9 am.Sister checked my BP and baby’s heartbeat. Both were ok. I was relaxed at the moment that my baby was fine but growth was stopped after 7th month which was seen in the ultrasound. According to gynae, my baby was premature. I was doing prayers for my baby.

At 1:30 I was in operation theatre. Surgery was started. My gynae and other doctors were talking with me about my life. Suddenly doctor pressurized on my abdomen and I heard the first voice of my baby boy. I asked “ho gya kya” and she answered yes but the baby is underweight (1.6kg) and will be in nursery for 3-4 days. I saw my baby for a few seconds and my husband took my baby to the nursery. As it was c-section so I was unable to move and my baby was 5 kms away from me. After 3 days I was discharged and I was with my baby in the nursery. I was crying so much to see my baby as he was dripped on feet, arms and chest. Paediatrician was feeding with a pipe but my son wasn’t digesting it. I was crying to see my child in this condition but I was helpless. My husband cares me too much. He saw me crying and went to the paediatrician and took permission to meet alone to my baby twice a day daily. I was going to see my baby and praying for him. After a so long period of 14 days my baby was fine and discharged and after 14 days I took my baby in my hands and that was a amazing feeling that I can’t even tell. But that moment I was with teary eyes and same now writing this,  I am feeling tears in my eyes.

#6. CrediMom: Surendra Kaur

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Hi all! I have gone through both procedures. Actually, my due date 21st feb and labour pain started 20th feb morning. Firstly i didn’t understand but when pain intensity and frequency increased i told my mil. She told it happened normally. Around 4 pm i had a lot of water discharge and then we rushed to the hospital. Dr had given me injections for da increasing pain and said it will be a normal delivery. After 2 hrs of pain, Dr. came to observe and said dirty water is coming and we can’t wait for normal delivery. We should go for c-sec. And then around 8:35 pm my little angel born. My delivery was combined of all labour pain, fear, anxiety, anaesthesia all.

My second delivery was planned c-sec. No pain at all.

#7. CrediMom: Sonia Malik

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Hello everyone.. it was the last day of my 8th month and my water bag broke in night and i was in extreme pain. I had no idea of this situation as it had never happened earlier. Next morning me with my hubby went to hospital where doctor declared that its the case of emergency operation. Because, as the water bag broke in 8th month only. But, the major problem that occurred was that there was no nursery in hospital and my husband was alone with me. We both took a tough decision to travel for 30 kms and reach a multispeciality hospital as the case was complicated for me n my baby too. I was having damn pain and worst mare was that my baby changed his position in last minute. But, finally all tough time came to an end and i delivered baby boy on 28 may. He was in nursery for 1 week but at last every thing ends well.

#8. CrediMom: Renuka Nath

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Hi  I am Renuka Nath and I am mother to 6 years old beautiful baby girl. I had problems with getting pregnant because of thyroid issues. After 1 year of oral medicines and 3 failed iui cycles and 2 failed ivf cycles I conceived in third ivf attempt. I still remember how i felt when I saw those 2 red lines on pregnancy test kit. I was on top of the moon. Few weeks later doctor confirmed twin pregnancy. Now that was indeed a bonus for me and my husband. We both were elated. We even finalised the names for our twins …. Dipali-Mitali or Ronen-Rayan or Dipali-Ronen…. what ever set of gender the twins belong to. We had the names ready. Then in 5th month, i developed severe form of gestational diabetes. I was immediately put on insulin injections thrice a day. But the complications grew and i had to deliver my babies in 32 weeks gestation. They were very beautiful girl-boy twins. But things weren’t meant to be. We lost our boy just few hours later and my girl was told to be in incubator with life support system. Doctors trying hard to save her. I was not allowed to touch her, feed her. She was given feeds from nasal tubes. She had lung issues because of prematurity. After been hospitilized for 2 months, she finally came home. Our baby girl ‘DIPALI’ who fought against all odds at her birth is a true survivor and role model  Red Heart on Apple iOS 11.3. Now she is all of 6 years old and growing so beautifully. Truly, she has filled our lives with happiness.

#9. CrediMom: Bethlina Oswin

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Hi! this is story of my delivery day. During my 9th month ultrasound. My baby got diagnosed with a cyst in her stomach. It was little big in size. Dr. Said it will get dissolved on its own and if it doesn’t get dissolve then a small surgery will have to be done after my baby completes her 1.5 years. Dr. said just pray to got that it may dissolve on its own. My Gynae, now calls my baby ‘An abnormal’ baby. That very moment Mujhe yaad aaya ki jab. Dr. Keh sakta hai k pray karo, toh ab Jesus hi mere baby ko normal birth denge… Mera Cesarean hona tha, kyunki Dr. ne kaha ki baby k neck mein cord fasa hai… Aur jab Meri delivery ki liye mujhe operation theatre le Gye, tab meine dr. se 5 mins maange taki mein pray kr lu. Meine bas God see yehi kaha ki ab apko hi mere Bache k Naam k aage see abnormal hatana hai. Pls give my baby a normal and healthy birth . Aur jab Mera baby hua toh ek dam healthy and normal. Tab Dr. Ne bhi kaha k kis radiologist ne report banayi the k Bache k stomach mein cyst hai , baby toh bilkul healthy hai… That very moment I forgot everything and gave thanks to Jesus for giving me a normal and healthy baby girl. It was a miracle day for me.

#10. CrediMom: Sakshi Goyal

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Hi everyone! My pregnancy was very complicated as I has dermoid cyst so I got operate in 6 month of pregnancy.. Water has been discharged in 8 month of pregnancy…. date was a 15 of April …I was admitted for 7 days den on 19 April I give birth to a beautiful princess. It was the most happiest day of my life…n best thing was coincidentally my husband b’day was also on 19 April …he said me u gave me the bestest gift of my life…I want to say u all that I know pregnancy time is very hard but the moment when u c your baby in your hand it’s like a dream come true.


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