You may know of the antioxidative effects of Turmeric. However, this is probably your first time to hear about curcumin. It is a compound that you can find in turmeric. It is extracted from the root of the plant called Curcuma Longa.

In Asia, turmeric is a significant part of their diet as the spice is used in food preparation, particularly in India. You can buy it in New Delhi as Kacha Haldiyellow root, and Indian saffron.

However, you do not have to go to your local grocery store to get your fill of turmeric or curcumin. You can order curcumin online in the form of an oral supplement, which should provide you with the right amount of antioxidants every day.

There used to be a time when India was the largest shipper of spices. But it is no longer valid. As per the Observatory of Economic Complexity, China is the largest exporter with a total value of $566 million, followed by India with $362 million, and The Netherlands at a far $146 million.

Benefits of Curcumin

Here are some of the benefits if you include curcumin or turmeric in your daily routine:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties – Since curcumin is an antioxidant, it can be used to prevent chronic inflammation. The active ingredient of turmeric does this at a molecular level.
  2. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases – Curcumin has been known to promote a healthy heart. A 2009 study showed that curcumin has anti-thrombotic and anti-proliferative effects. Meanwhile, the inhibitory effects of the compound also help stave off heart failure in the animal test subjects. One of its basic functions is to help ensure you have a healthy endothelium, which refers to the lining of the blood vessels.
  3. Helps prevent cancer – Curcumin supplements have been found to inhibit cancer growth. However, early studies are also optimistic about the possibility of using the compound to treat the disease.
  4. Fights depression – A 2019 research showed a marked improvement in the participants who suffered from depression and anxiety. Of course, the supplement should be taken in conjunction with psychotherapy for maximum effects.

Why Can’t You Buy Turmeric From the Store?

In a grocery store or wet market, you will most likely find powdered turmeric for sale. Since curcumin is the active ingredient of the spice, it is logical to think that you will enjoy its antioxidant effects, as well.

The problem is that your body would not absorb curcumin to get the desired results. It is due to the compound’s poor bioavailability. You need to consume a large amount of turmeric every day for that to happen.

The simpler solution is to order curcumin online. The product already has high bioavailability, which means your body can absorb it better. Previously, people used black pepper to enhance the absorptive capacity of curcumin. But recently, it was discovered that phospholipids could do the job more effectively.

As a guide, you need to consume 18 tablespoons of powdered turmeric to get the equivalent results of one curcumin supplement pill. Since it is recommended that you take two pills a day, it means you have to take 36 spoonfuls of ground turmeric.

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