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This Diwali Make Sure You Take Care Of Your Oral Health

With the festival of light around the corner, the air is filled with happiness & cheer. One is ready to enjoy lots of sweets and cracker. But, beware, as eating too many sweets can be bad for your teeth. And when teeth are not in prime health, it invariably has an effect on the smile. And you’d not want your smile to be less than anyone else out there. That’s why taking superior oral care becomes key at such an important time of the year.

With healthy teeth, you can feel confident in your smile and enjoy the festivity with fervor. This will also save the inconvenience of visiting a dental clinic quite often.

Top 5 Oral Health Tips For Diwali

Follow some of these tips for a healthy & happy smile this Diwali.

1. Limit The Intake of Sugary Items

When the festival of lights is here, can sweets be far behind? You’re bound to gorge on sweets of various hues even without caring for your dental health. However, if you’re not careful, the festival might leave you with a bad smile. You know sugar can be harmful to your teeth, it can help bacteria grow and cause plaque which chips away at the enamel. This is how a cavity is caused and if not treated, it could lead to tooth decay. So, be careful this Diwali and if possible, limit the intake of sugar to continue smiling with confidence.

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2. Brush & Floss With More Focus

You know how much sugar can affect your teeth and smile. It’s therefore important to make brushing and flossing a bit more seriously this Diwali to not harm the glow of your smile. If you’re not brushing twice a day, and not flossing immediately after brushing, this could lead to bacterial growth and plaque buildup which is always bad for your teeth. Brush your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing before hitting the bed; brush gently and thoroughly to reach all parts of the mouth, and then floss to take out food debris stuck between the teeth.

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3. Drink More Water

Diwali is a time when you normally gorge on sweets and snacks by the bowls. You don’t care for your teeth as you know everyone else around is doing the same. But this could be a mistake if you care for the health and beauty of your teeth. Even if you can’t avoid eating those stuff, make sure you drink lots of water through the day to wash away any leftover, plaque and bacteria. The more water your drink, the more saliva will be produced in the mouth keeping away debris responsible for causing harm to the enamel.

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4. Keep Soda, Liquor and Coffee Away

Fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and liquor, all is bad for your oral health. And when you consume them more frequently during festival times, the risks for dental problems become greater. All these beverages or drinks can corrode your teeth as they are acidic in nature which is bad for oral health. If possible, you should use a straw to consume them as it will limit their contact with your pearly whites and prevent staining and discoloration. They are also responsible for negatively affecting saliva production, causing dry mouth which leads to bad breath.

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5. Choose Your Snack Carefully

You can’t sit around snacking on items that are bad for your oral health like chips, sugar-laden items etc. There must be a sensible choice when it comes to snacks. You can start snacking on items that don’t have starch or carbohydrate on them. Some of the good items to snack on include almonds, cheese, carrots, fresh crunchy vegetables etc. They won’t harm your teeth in any manner, plus you can trust them also for not gaining weight. So, be careful with what your munch on to maintain your smile and dental health this festive season.

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Consult The Dentist

Nothing can beat the consultation of the nearest dentist when it comes to maintaining a superior dental health. If you think you’re not careful with your food choices and oral care habits, it’s always advisable to visit the dentist and seek advice. You can ask how much sweets are good for the festival, or what else could you do to minimize dental health risks this festival reason.


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