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Dr Arun Bhanot – Advanced Spinal Treatment

Dr Arun Bhanot, Chief of Spine Surgery, Paras Hospital Gurgaon. Below mentioned is verbatim of his conversation –

Most hospitals in Delhi NCR consider the spine and its disorders a part of their orthopedic or neurosurgery department but here in Paras, Spine services are and an exclusive specialty. We have a team of three spine surgeons led by me. All the doctors in my team have about 10 years of experience in the field and only deal with spine related ailments.

At Paras we provide basic as well as high-end services for spine care. Starting from conservative treatment, whenever a patient needs medical or rehab treatment, we attend to it with utmost dedication. In case this doesn’t help the patient we move on to injection treatment, where injections are given at the required places in the spine. We have an in-house diagnostic facilities- high-end MRI scans, CT scans etc. And with the help of all of these, we are able to make specific and sometimes difficult diagnosis of any spinal problems, especially the back pain, the neck pain or the sciatica pain (that starts from the buttocks and spreads to the legs.)

We also deal with spinal deformities where patients, especially young girls’ spines become curved, effecting their posture and eventually self-image. While earlier only special and high-end institutes could cater to this issue, we can easily correct this problem. Right from dealing with all kinds of spine surgeries starting from the upper-cervical spine to lumbar spine where patients have problems like slip disc, lumbar canal stenosis or cervical spondylitis where the pain tends to spread to the arm, or other spinal disorders that changes the way a patient walks, sits etc., we can help you by giving you the best and safe treatment at Paras.

Age today is no bar. Earlier people believed that at advanced age there was no need for them to get spine surgeries and hence would often compromise on their quality of their lives. These days we can operate on patients up to 70, 80 years of age. Not very long ago, we even operated on a 90 year-old. After being confined to bed for three months, he is now happily walking around since past three years now.

The most unique service that we provide at Paras is the key hole endoscopic slip disc surgery. Most of the spinal problems are slip disc problems, which mainly occur in two age groups- younger people, confined to desk jobs and older people. Such patients have to suffer a lot due to pain in the buttocks & legs and sometimes even numbness of the feet. This can also making walking difficult for some. Most of these people choose to avoid surgery out of fear of being confined to bed for a long period of time, paralysis or nerve damage. For these patients endoscopic surgery is a boon since it is performed under light local anesthesia which ensures that no nerve damage is done as the patient can point out if any discomfort is felt.

Another benefit of this surgery is that the incision is very small- 7 to 8 mm keeping the recovery time to a bare minimum, allowing the patient to continue with their lives within a couple of weeks. We also ensure that every patient, before the surgery is examined by the entire team, giving the patient the benefit of three doctors at once.


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