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Dr. Atul Gupta – Brain Tumours: Symptoms and Treatment (in hindi)

Dr. Atul Gupta is a Neuro Surgeon at Sarvodaya Hospital, Kavi Nagar Indl. Area, Ghaziabad.

Signs/symptoms of brain Tumours depend on the part of the brain involved:

  • Headache that gets worse with time may be an early sign of brain tumour. It may or may not be associated with vomiting. Moreover, not all brain Tumours have headache as an early sign of tumour in the brain.
  • Seizures may be another early symptom of brain tumour. The neurologist will evaluate whether seizures are because of brain tumour or other cause.
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Imbalance of body (Gait abnormalities)

Other symptoms of brain tumours develop based on the part of brain involved. Tumors in:

  • Parts of Cerebrum (outer part of brain) – weakness, numbness of one side of the body.
  • Areas close to the cerebrum – Difficulty to speak
  • Front part of cerebrum – May hamper thought process, or affect personality development as well as language.
  • Basal ganglia – can cause abnormal movements of body.
  • Cerebellum – Difficulty with regular activities like walking.
  • Areas near to the pituitary or optic nerves cause problems with vision
  • Areas near to cranial nerves – loss of hearing, difficulty swallowing

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