Friday , August 18 2017
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Dr. Kanika Sharma – Radiation Techniques In Treating Cancer

Watch Dr Kanika Sharma, Consultant at the department of Radiation Oncology, Dharamshila Hospital and Research centre, talk about the use of radiation therapy for treating cancer. Dr. Kanika also elaborates on the techniques used in radiation therapy – External Radiation (Teletherapy). This consists of 3D Conformal Radiation, Stereotactic Radiation Therapy & Internal Radiation (Brachytherapy) that include Intestitial Brachy Therapy. She also speaks on the Pediatric cases where Radiation Therapy is given.

What is Radiation Therapy? Radiation therapy is a common treatment for cancer that uses radiations like x-rays, gamma rays, protons or electron beams to destroy or control malignant cancer cells. The other names for it are radiotherapy, irradiation, x-ray therapy, or radiation oncology. Click here to read more.

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